Recruit Decommits From USC

Josh Moore, a three-star wide receiver from Atlanta, decommitted from USC tonight.

Moore had already decommitted from Stanford.

The recruiting merry-go-round goes on and on.

  • ESPN has canceled the Las Vegas Bowl, which means another Pac-12 bowl game will not be played. The Sun, Las Vegas, Redbox and Holiday bowls are out.

13 thoughts on “Recruit Decommits From USC

  1. My older brother is fond of saying, “soccer is a game for kids who can’t catch” Maybe the kid can’t catch or wants to play soccer.
    Actually there is so much negativity coming from so many sources I will be surprised to see kids show up.

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    1. I always found the concept of a “tackle” in soccer as–well–anticlimactic.

      The intro above labels Josh as a 3-star, while 247sport has him a 4 star.
      Which is it? Losing a 3-star WR is no loss, but losing a 4 star CB is a loss.

      I dunno what to think…and I don’t really care.
      To quote my brilliant wife, “I’m amblivious.”

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