Isaiah Pola-Mao Will Return In 2021

USC safety Isaiah Pola-Mao announced he will return in 2021.

This is a rare bit of good news when it comes to players deciding to return. Pola-Mao is not the impact player Talanoga Hufanga was but he is solid and provides leadership.

USC doesn’t offer much at linebacker and lost its best defensive tackle (Marlon Tuipulotu) so getting a starting safety back is a boost.

18 thoughts on “Isaiah Pola-Mao Will Return In 2021

      1. Nixon is 5’8″, former 4 star. Given the big wideouts in London and McCoy, it could be really useful to have a super quick, shifty fella in the lineup.

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  1. Every year every team in the ncaa has to come up with a new chemistry because of losses. Some do it year in, year out (Alabama), and some just never seem do it (USC in the last 6 years). Football will have a new flavor for 2021, not that it will be any better.

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      1. MG-

        I, for one, would not want the Aztec Civilization to return- I’ve read that they sacrificed people by the hundreds. I would like to know how they were able to build a city in the middle of a lake ( the biggest city in the world at the time per Spanish Conquistadors), but I wouldn’t them back.

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      2. Arturo — yeah, the Aztecs….let’s just say they didn’t play around w/enemies & leave it at that. [But Tenochtitlan is kinda a miracle, no]?
        Do you remember the funny line in the Motorcycle Diaries about the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu? I remember Che Guevara is told something about them and starts laughing —but I don’t remember what it was….

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      3. He was a womanizer…..but he was a thoughtful womanizer….
        [Arturo: Speaking of womanizers, I really hate to think of what would become of all my film favorites if they were alive today —Brando, Flynn, Burton]…


      4. Arturo:

        I found the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto gripping “way back when.”
        While depicting the Mayan culture (in its decline), the MesoAmericans sure
        knew how to escalate human sacrifice.

        We had an awesome exhibit on the Aztecs at the Denver Museum of Natural History decades ago. Narrated by Edward James Olmos. Very little about the pagan rituals (and human sacrifice).

        Those exhibits need to return from time to time.

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      1. Actually, that did happen. But it was right after I lost the Student Body President election AND got a real bad haircut —so I prefer thinking it was a combination of things ….

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