USC Adds Colorado Transfer Receiver

If USC needs anything, it’s a receiver. Right? Right?

Colorado wide receiver KD Nixon announced today he is transferring to USC.

Nixon (5-8, 190) ranked 19th in Colorado history in career catches (99) and receiving yards (1,221). He also had 758 yards on kickoff returns.

Nixon caught 15 passes for 132 yards and no touchdowns this season, which consisted of only four games because of the pandemic and a hamstring injury.

I wonder how Bru McCoy and Gary Bryant (among others) feel about this transfer?

18 thoughts on “USC Adds Colorado Transfer Receiver

  1. Always room for a 4.3 40yd guy on the roster. As I said in a previous post, this was likely set up by the movement of one receiver to dB last week.
    Still waiting for that grand exodus of players…

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    1. With that speed, and as a much smaller guy, he presents a very different matchup problem for the defense compared to them covering London or Bru, both much bigger wideouts.

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      1. Yes, my friend, TWO are back there…… but eventually One becomes The Chosen One….

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  2. Well hell, here’s a coach of ours being lured away! And to the sec of all places. So I was wondering how this changes the narrative? Someone from our staff poached, who’d a thunk it… haha.

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      1. Kiffin’s offense was pretty good most games, except when Corrall had high TOs..don’t think anyone did to Bama what Kiff’s offense did.

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  3. With two WR moving on to the NFL, there’s plenty of room for KD Nixon on our team. We are actually a bit thin of real WR’s. A fair number of the less experienced WR’s on the Trojan depth chart may never get meaningful reps.

    I like the move. The CU QB was not impressive this year. Nixon should get some good reps from Slovis.

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    1. Especially since he will be a SR. You need to surround Slovis with as many weapons as possible as this may be it for him in an SC uniform ( next year). Bru and Drake will probably be gone along with Slovis after next year so bringing in KD will give the youngsters time to sort out the pecking order while one or two head to the portal.

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  4. He ran a 4.56 not a 4.3. That was a Buff making a fake graphic. 4.3 was actually the fastest time ran, by another kid. The Buff fan blanked the other kid’s name out. lool


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