USC Losing Assistant To Lane Kiffin

OK, maybe USC will have only 9 assistants from Texas.

Tight ends coach John David Baker is set to go to become tight ends coach at Mississippi, according to Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.

This raises nothing but questions:

  • Baker is one of Graham Harrell’s boys.
  • He just finished his first season as a full-time position coach.
  • It’s a lateral move.
  • He’s going to work for Lane Kiffin.

Maybe Baker wants to coach at a school that throws to the tight end. He acted like USC would in 2020 but it didn’t.

OR . . . maybe he thinks Clay Helton will not have a job after next season.

26 thoughts on “USC Losing Assistant To Lane Kiffin

      1. Matthew was listed as a DL 6’2, 6’3″ 290 lbs in high school. Don’t know what his deal was at K-State.
        Taking a step back and analyzing things a bit, perhaps there isn’t a whole lot of room on the interior of that D-line: Ishmael:Sophster transfered in from Bama and was highly touted; Marlon’s little brother is a star in the making; Nick Figueroa played well this year; Brandon Pili is serviceable and true FR Kobe Pepe played some this year. These are interior linemen, but Matthew could get some playing time if he can wait for Figueroa (who also played some on the outside) and Pili to graduate.

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  1. Smart move he knows Coach Clay will be let go after next season so rather than stick around there is more job security at Ole Miss. I am sure all the assistant coaches including the new hires have their bags half packed, and their resumes out there for next year’s D-DAY, or should we call it H-DAY meaning the day Helton gets the Hatchett.

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    1. Carol Folt has “right of first refusal”…..

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      1. Clay would have more credibility if he named himself starting quarterback ….and had his crackerjack video team launch his Heisman campaign….

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  2. This is probably one of the future up and coming head coaches we will see blossom. It is a great move for him career wise with getting exposure in the SEC where football actually matters.

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      1. Seems most everyone runs some version of the spread now. Some posters here want to talk about restoring the old formations, but few if any (maybe Air Force?) in D1 are going old school. No doubt one can run effectively from some versions of the spread (e.g. ‘Bama).

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      2. Georgia tech and Navy are two triple option teams…is that old school enough?
        But the funny thing is, when looking at halftime stats, the spread is even more evident at bama, georgia and clemson. Ohio st has been a spread team for years now.

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      3. And BIG o-line… the size of our center has caused problems for our line, and not for lack of his skill or efforts. No matter what owns partners say, size matters.

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      4. It gives the offense so much confidence to know that NO one can stand up to their o-line —not Ohio State or Notre Dame or anybody else. Conversely, it hurts the confidence of every skill player on offense to realize their o-line can’t hold up for more than 2 seconds.

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      5. Pudly —I “liked” you before I detected the last evilly clever subordinate clause in your reply (what else do you ever do?)—-I say we need to respect Owns’ ability to defend the indefensible.
        As for centers —yes. It all started with Cyrus Hobbi. Can you imagine Matt having to face a ferocious Stanford d-line with Aundrey Walker and Cyrus “protecting” him? Remember how disgusted he was in post game —he didn’t want to say what was on his mind (which was: “these guys suck”).
        As for Najee —you’re right….but USC doesn’t have one of those.

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    1. Big deal! He will be mediocre at best! He will never develop at USC and you know it. He will gain weight and be forced to play safety. However, Clay will force Orlando to leave him at corner where he will be torched over and over.


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