USC Saturday Buzz: Trojans Get 5-Star Commitment

Five-star cornerback Domani Jackson of Mater Dei committed to USC. He is a Class of 2022 prospect.

You can’t deny USC can recruit cornerbacks under Donte Williams. USC can recruit wide receivers under any coach.

Offensive linemen? Well, that’s a different question, isn’t it?

One other issue since Williams is a 2022 recruit. Let’s say in a perfect world USC fires Clay Helton after the 2021 season. A new coach will probably keep Williams to recruit. Who else would a new coach keep?

  • Meanwhile, four-star linebacker Niuafe Tuihalamaka of Alemany, also a Class of 2022 prospect, has decommitted from USC.

21 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Trojans Get 5-Star Commitment

  1. Not just 5 star, FWIW, Domani is ranked the #3 prospect in the country over all positions. Donte is the best – he definitely doesn’t need to worry about job security.

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  2. I have been reading about DJ for a while but never wanted to watch game film on him – hoping that he’d become a Trojan, then I’d watch. Just Youtubed DJ. The guy looked like a legit, top level CB and then I realized that this was game film of him as a high school Sophomore!
    Now, we all know that USC sells itself to some degree, however, Donte Williams is building that proverbial recruiting fence around SoCal by building relationships and being relentless.
    Here’s Donte on others recruiting in Cali, “You will wait your turn and LIKE IT! Now, get out of my way, losers.”

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    1. In every single post game presser I’ve seen of Donte over the years, he’s exhibited more savvy, more charisma and ….probably more importantly…. more honesty than Helton would or could. Recruits listen to him cuz they trust him.

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    2. Arturo:
      I read Amon Ra’s departure letter from USC with rapt attention earlier this month.

      He told his fellow WR’s to continue to work hard at protecting the reputation of “WR U.” Our WRs know that USC is one of the best schools for receivers if one’s goal is to matriculate to the NFL.*

      That said, if one is a top notch CB then wouldn’t one wish to compete EVERY DAY IN PRACTICE vs the best WR’s? Donte can offer an awesome recruiting pitch!

      *Getting a world-class education is not so bad either…


  3. Small chance that Will Johnson (#4 corner in the ’22 class) will want to join Domani. His top 3 are USC, Mich, OSU. Rivals and 24/7 have him down for Mich, but DJ and Johnson have indicated that they want to play together.

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      1. I’m as glad as anybody that Pudly is back —but let’s not go overboard —I remember him being wrong about something once last year…..

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  4. Modern defenses, both collegiate and pro, are employing defenses with 5 DBs. DBs, like their counterpart WRs, are in vogue and , unfortunately for them, traditional run- stopping LBs are going the way of the Dodo. Players like our very own (you know what I mean by our- I am still just a fan ) Troy – the Trojan at birth- Polamalu, revolutionized the position by being able to play at the LOS, cover and do what LBs do. Hufonga became an All-American
    doing this this year.
    Players, recruits, and coaches know this and so USC loading up on DBs and WRs is the present and future.
    This doesn’t diminish, in my opinion, the ability and importance of a team being able to tote the rock, control the clock, and impose its will on the other team.

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      1. As a former Pop Warner OT- can’t believe that I was a LT- I concur. Modern OL have to be even more nimble- especially when they have to block all those DBs flying around.

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  5. This isnt just about Domani, it is about taking back the recruiting of all of Mater Dei. There are something like 4 top 100 recruits at Mater Dei that USC would want. Time to bring those guys home to SC.

    Lots of positive things happening, although maybe not fast enough. Good recruiting moves. Larry Scott no longer in charge of the Pac-12. The big question at SC now is the offensive coaching staff. Is Harrell up to the challenge of creating a run offense?

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