What’s Current Status Of USC Coaching Staff?

From what I hear within the program, it’s 50-50 USC’s coaching staff has another depature in the next few weeks.

Regarding the departure of tight ends coach John David Baker, I think job security was a primary issue.

He was close to Graham Harrell, not Lane Kiffin. But Kiffin has a long-term contract.

USC coaches don’t know what the future holds. And they know Clay Helton would fire them in a heartbeat to save himself.

Donte Williams is in a different position. He makes $900,000 and signed a three-year contract. And his recruiting ability makes him a natural to survive coaching changes.

One irony of Williams’ recruiting prowess is that if he has NFL aspirations, he is less valuable because there is recruiting.

35 thoughts on “What’s Current Status Of USC Coaching Staff?

    1. 6 year contract for Cronin, current buyout is about $16 million. I guess they didn’t learn their lesson with Alford…or Mora…or the Chipper.

      No wonder the gutty’s athletics dept is $19 million in hock. Which they thought was no big deal until Under Armour decided they couldn’t deal with any more gutty losses and pulled out of their $280 million sponsorship deal. Ouch!

      Owns, this is not looking good. Par for the course for the gutties.

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      1. The later Feb schedule, however, does not favor Enfield and the Trojans as they head into “March Madness.” With no “home court” advantage during COVID, the better team should usually win.

        Enfield needs to start winning some road games.

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      2. Bourbon –I’m hoping that our confidence level is high enough [after a slew of home wins] to get us through the backend of our schedule (which is savage)…..

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  1. Losing Baker is not a big loss in my opinion but it is troubling. It used to be a step up to get a coaching job at SC. I guess nowadays it’s a step up to get out of SC. He’s not a big loss but losing Donte Williams would be a huge loss. I hope it doesn’t happen. SC used to be the pinnacle job in the coaching ranks. Now it is kind of a stepping stone to move on in your career.

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    1. Actually Baker is looked upon as having a great football mind is now on the fast track for a future HC job. Going to the SEC was a serious career move for him giving him exposure to the best.
      It should be taken as a big loss for USC.

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      1. Could be considered as expanding his resume. Learning a new spread scheme…
        Also allows Trojans to offer Chris Claiborne an on field coaching position…

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  2. Is it Jinks or Harrell? Hopefully not a coach on the defense side of the ball.

    I have to imagine that Jinks doesnt believe that he can create an effective run game with the schematic simplicity of the air raid.

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    1. [You know, we should all hope it IS Jinks….AND that we’re lined up some great NFL guy to help with the run game…]


      1. Especially when you routinely had 5 future NFL All-pro calibre OL leading the way.

        Look back at Hudson Houck’s body of work at USC before he bolted with JR.
        Nearly every OL he coached got some sort of All American accolade, and all got NFL time in.

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  3. Did Baker have a buyout? USC probably didn’t fight hard to keep him. They certainly have their eye on a coach from Lower Boggy Bottom College. And Azusa Pacific has a staff on fired sale. Helton was heard to say, ” We don’t use right ends, we call them second tackles on the line. “

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  4. The way they use tight ends, I wouldn’t even bother to replace Baker. I take Chris Claibourne and make him a fulltime LB coach and maybe let the special teams coach work with the tight ends. Why lose a great recruiter like Claibourne to ASU.

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  5. Memo to: Dear Pisley and ’67

    The usual Andyain’twinning excuses, excuses, excuses.

    Andyain’twinning has been at SUCC for 9 years and he’s still until .500 in Pac-12 conf. games. Coach Cronin, on the other hand is well above .500 in Conf. games.

    Dear Pisley and ’67, 2 dim, yapping, horses ass.


    1. Speaking of asses… just got to that part where the ruin trips on the three pt line and falls on his fat asses while the ball glides over his head out of bounds. Hahahaha..with seconds left and the lead‼️
      Oh well another cronin moment to be etched forever in ruin lore.

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  6. I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of a rewatch of the TWO (2) ruins games from last year and can’t stop laughing….. at you.


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    1. Dear Pisley, SUCC bb, nothing to see, except loser, piss poor bb, since 1954. Clown U bb, 00000000000000000forever and proud of it.

      Remember Pisley, the best ex-bozo bb player is Cheryl Miller, Reggie’s sister. LOL – my side hurts.

      Pisley, if you need to use my original SUCC game summaries kindly add quotation marks. It’s not my fault you’re too damn stupid to invent your own material.



      1. Sorry, somebody’s in a fowl mood you ruin wannabe. When was the last time that your favorite BB school was relevant?? Not in this century, and taking away the accident in ‘95 you need to go back to the 70s and that cheating group…
        Poor poor miserable owns, hahahahaha 😂


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