How About A Southern Cal Sweatshirt?

If you actually like the name “Southern Cal” you can pretty easily get clothes with the moniker that USC does not like but also protects to own the copyright.

Now if you think “Southern Cal” is some old-school name for USC, look at this sweatshirt worn in 1924 by USC freshman coach Chet Dolley.

20 thoughts on “How About A Southern Cal Sweatshirt?

    1. Arturo, before your time, it was a popular among the 60s and 70s announcers – Chris Schenkel, Curt Gowdy, Bud Wilkinson. Also after that with Keith Jackson.

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      1. I remember hearing Keith Jackson and Curt Gowdy. Is that Bud Wilkinson, the former OU coach. I was born in 73 and have some memories of being in diapers. My first sports memories are of the Dodgers and Yankees in the WS and the Steelers and Cowboys in the SuperBowl.

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  1. Mike Garret banned the term before he was kicked to the curb. It was pointed out and has been proven that the school in Westwood was “Southern Cal” before they opened other branches. I guess history is just fickle.

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      1. Mike had the fighter’s instincts in defending his alma mater. As opposed to Pat, who was more like “Thank you, sir. May I have another? “

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      2. I honestly can’t imagine what hell that must be…

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    1. Serious Hypothetical Question: If you were finishing up in the bathroom —and realized you had run out of toilet paper —and you remembered there was a big newspaper photo of Chip taped to the wall —how many seconds would go by before you put it to use?

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  2. It wouldn’t be gone, 67 — it would be be back on the wall …in slightly used condition…. for the next person….. and the next…

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