Super Bowl Bound Trojans

As USC football tweets below, Ronald Jones is going to the Super Bowl. But what did that have to do with the BLVD Studios? It didn’t exist when Jones went to USC (thankfully).

The tweet does not mention that former USC assistant coach Todd McNair is the Bucs’ running backs coach. Wonder if he will get a mention the next two weeks?

14 thoughts on “Super Bowl Bound Trojans

    1. He won his case, right? Yeah, NCAA lost a lot of street credibility when they believed and used Lloyd Lake as their key witness. Honestly, I think that the program is just now fully recovered.

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    2. Ya’ gotta think that McNair has been working just a little bit harder than everyone else, given how the NCAA crippled him and engaged in character assassination.

      I always love redemption (as opposed to revenge).
      Way to go Todd. Fight on!


    1. Rojo had a Heisman-worthy senior season, particularly given how many times he turned losses in the backfield into 5 yard gains. Great runner.

      The NFL has to be thrilled from a $$ standpoint to have Brady vs. Mahomes.

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      1. I think RoJo II was a few carries short of gaining 1000 yards this season. He has developed nicely in his 3rd season. Couldn’t be happier for him.

        Fournette will give him some competition next year (assuming LF remains a Buc)


  1. BTW, you would have thought that Graham Harrell was calling the plays in the Packers-Bucs game. Packers threw 75% of the time, Tampa Bay threw 60% of the time. USC threw 60% of the time in the 2020 season.

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      1. Al Davis treated him like crap…wouldn’t trade him and wouldn’t play him. Through it all Marcus just kept his mouth shut and waited for his contract to expire.


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