USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Cornerback recruiting

Maybe USC will fulfill Pete Carroll’s one-time dream of becoming Cornerback U. The Trojans are certainly getting top prospects. Now they need to be coached into elite college corners. Didn’t happen in 2020.

Todd McNair

From out of coaching for 10 years to going to a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. That’s a turnaround.

Deland McCullough

Both Super Bowl teams’ running backs coaches were at USC. McCullough was bright enough to get away from Clay Helton as fast as possible after one season.

Clay McGuire

It’s like hitting the lottery. One day, you are at Texas State. The next day, you are USC offensive line coach.

John David Baker

I neglected to mention a couple days ago he coached the USC “inside receivers” in addition to the tight ends. So he developed Drake London? Yeah, right.


Roster loyalty

I spoke to a friend who graduated from USC after the basketball team’s victory over Cal. He said he could only recognize three players on TV. I don’t blame him with all the transfers and roster shuffling. It’s become like the NBA in college basketball.

Tom Barrack

The USC trustee came under unwanted scrutiny after the White House said he supported a pardon of a USC Varsity Blues parent.

Carol Folt

She talks about integrity but hasn’t said a word about whether it should be investigated if Barrack did anything in conflict with his role as a trustee.

Larry Scott

He got jettisoned a year before his Pac-12 contract expired. Poor guy made only $50 million. Do you think he feels the least-bit guilty about that?

56 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Additional losers:

    Dear Pisley, fulltime AH and re-tweet queen.

    Women’s bozo bb 59 – Stanford 86.

    Mighty bozo men’s bb – Dodges Stanford game with fake CV-19 positive test. Then whines the usual excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses and offers to play Stanford another time knowing Stanford would decline.


    1. I’m not trying to be mean or anything Owns, but what’s it like being homeless? After all, you claim that you are a follower of Ucla sports , but hangout on this park bench of a blog.
      You call us names hoping for a handout but usually we try to be respectful. If you hadn’t noticed USC trolls itself, so why would you possibly post here?
      I gotta put you in the loser column this week.

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      1. Rialto ToeJam asks me “…what’s it like being homeless?”

        No clue ToeJam, I live in a westside castle.

        Question ToeJam, is the zoo feeding you enough bananas?


      2. Hahaha…
        Reminds me of the old lyrics/saying that one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. Castle, only if you’re sleeping in the dungeon waiting for the sun to set before scurrying about the grounds like the troll you are.



      3. JustOwns is truly a pathetic and lonely person. As it was noted, he is a UCLA follower but hangs around a USC blog…homeless, jobless, and friendless. Just a very very sad person. I guess his hanging around a USC blog with his puerile posts is deep down a cry for help.”..please, someone, anyone, look at me”

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      1. What Pac-12 team sits in 1st place?

        Answer: UCLA. But bozo bb moves into second place by virtue of a fake/false positive CV-19 test to avoid its scheduled game at Stanford.

        #Here pussy, pussy.


    2. Loser sighting, a video of gotroll22 has gone viral. gotroll22 had a nervous breakdown after the Biggest Loser Donald J. Trump lost the election.

      Lets see what gotroll22 has to say…




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      1. Okay, it IS funny ……but it’s still cruel to poke fun at the way Hillary looks w/o makeup [and the way she sounds without Sid Blumenthal writing her speeches] ……

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      2. Arturo,
        IF she’s for real –no. Again, IF she’s for real, she’s never met a black or Latino.
        But don’t discount the possibility this is a put on (just as I won’t discount the possibility there are people this dumb out there)…..

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      3. MG-
        Thanks for the perspective. I guess that I am just tired of people like this lady staring at my sons and I in public just because I am speaking to them in Spanish.
        BTW I am sure that you know this- both my sons are learning Italiano ( their choice). They work on it daily on Duolingo. Spanish and Italian are more similar than S and French, but close to Portuguese. I am just excited for them.

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      4. When you and the kids fly over to Italy and visit, the people will love you all for speaking Italian to them! While their English is outstanding, they truly love it when we do our best to speak their beautiful language.

        Many years ago….Employing my best Italian, I called La Fonticine for a reservation for two. Fancy Ristorante in Firenze known for its meat dishes and wine. My wife and I dressed smartly. We humbly announced our arrival–again speaking my “best” Italian. The host lead us by tables full of Americano tourists at the noisier front end of the restaurant BACK TO THE beautiful open dining area full of all the mannered locals. Impeccable service. My first and last Osso Bucco (as I won’t be eating baby cows).

        Soon you’ll be able to book passage to Italy again. Magical.

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      5. The California school system taught me Spanish for free–7 years!
        Made Life working at LA County-USC Med Center much easier.

        Picking up Italian will be “semplice per i regazzi.

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      6. Bourbon beat me to it on this one, Arturo. Yeah, Italians love to hear Americans speaking Italian (but I must tell you —one of the most pleasant evenings I ever spent was at some big dive south of Rome where everybody was speaking different languages — I could make out German but there were several others all going on simultaneously —-and everybody was patting everybody else on the back and buying drinks for strangers —it was just the way it should be….. for one night anyway)…..
        btw, You’re a grand Papa, Arturo! Nothing better than that!


      7. Bourbon,

        Gold, brother! Gold!
        I just showed the boys your’s and MG’s post- they got a kick out of them. There’s just one problem (challenge, really): They both want to go to Italy now. Actually, I think that it was their plan all along: learn Italian so that I’d have to take them to Italy and so that their hard work wasn’t done in vain. From the way MG has raved about it over the years, it won’t take much convincing from either of them to get me to take them. After Hawaii, of course.


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      1. Clown U recess is over.

        Mighty SUCC 5 – 0 (Luckily) vs Oregon 3 – 2 @ the crumbling mausoleum for the PAC – 12 Championship.

        The Loud talking, high stepping, celebratory Mighty SUCC’s choka, choka, choka, choka, choka, choka choke. Oregon pounds bozo FB, 31 – 24; and, it wasn’t as close a game as the score indicates. Has Slovis come too yet?

        Then ladies and pussies, the any team, anywhere, anytime mucho bozos announce they will not accept a bowl invitation. Here pussy, pussy.

        Yes Rico, you ding the pussy bell, cause that’s all the lucky bozos in 2020.

        #Slovis: Where am I?


      2. No, it wasn’t as close as the score indicated. It was a lot closer. We outgained them, out possessed them and out first downed them.


  2. owns bringing in women’s basketball now…scavenging topics to fill your agenda as opposed to just scavenging to fill your pie hole.

    Nice Rob, you wannabe.

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    1. Dear Pisley, do you deny Cheryl Miller is the Greatest ex-bozo bb player. Doesn’t that fact hurt, hurt, hurt like the 2×4 shoved up your kazoo.

      Dear Pisley, do you discount CM’s bb team’s NC’s; a feat the men’s bb team have FAILED to come close too since 1954? The only bozo teams winning NC’s these days are the Clown U Women’s teams. Here pussy, pussy.

      #OOOOOOOOOOO forever and proud of it.


      1. Waaaaa. Waaaaaa. Waaaaaa!!

        Basketball school crosstown sucks and they’re streak is losses not wins. Bad enough this is a football centric blog and owns can’t talk crap about his rivals due to the underwhelming accomplishments of his wannabe school, but now he can’t talk men’s basketball either….

        Waaaaaa, waaaaa.

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      2. We play this game regardless of owns’ trolling. And you’re right, it sucks losing to those losers crosstown. I just don’t see it happening this year.

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      3. You have a sick warped mind. Your insignia picture is pure garbage. What dictator wears dark glasses.? ucla can’t touch
        USC in athletics over the years so tape your mouth shut with
        your stupidity. It doesn’t mean crap what you write as it has
        no bearing on the outcomes of games played. Speaking of
        1954 which was the only 1/2 football title credited to the ‘ruins.


  3. Carol Folt is in a difficult position from here on out [and she worked real hard to get there]. Once you’ve declared you’re on the “path of righteousness” [easy words to pronounce but hard words to keep], you’ve left yourself open each & every time you fall short…… and that promises to be a lot……

    P. S.
    (Saint) Pat Haden strayed from the Path of Righteousness when he left Todd McNair to die on the road just cuz he befriended Reggie….

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Now THAT’S the kinda thing that would really make Pat mad (well, if he was paying attention —but he had so much already on his plate what with the “charity work” his family was doing)…..


      2. MG, there is an archived LA Times article about McNair and what happened, what’s pathetic is PC’s response to the whole thing at the time.

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      3. I’ll check it out, karma [but if the gist of it is that Pete looked the other way —well, that’s his specialty when it comes to stuff like that]….

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      4. McNair leaving your sister tied up and making her fight in the UFC to earn her keep isn’t as bad as what you used to put her through you incestuous pervert.


      5. I vaguely recall this story from “way back then.”

        I also recall watching Michael Vick wearing a nicely pressed suit and being given a big salary as an NFL TV analyst after his retiring from professional football (ESPN? I don’t recall). I was a little bit shocked.

        Yep. I’m a dog lover.
        I guess I had to forgive Michael Vick for an unthinkable act.

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    1. Warning to my friend, Owns: I’m working with the NCAA Investigations Department to get 5 of those games erased from the record books….

      Liked by 3 people

      1. You know, sometimes owns just needs to admit defeat and walk away. Personally, I would not want to be on the debate team defending ucla football in the last 25 years. Because you need to go with things like “the bruins won the last time hyundai was the primary advertiser on the telecast!”

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    2. Who cares if it was consective. A win is a win. What a contrived stat. What’s next? “Hey, who holds the record for wearing blue jerseys”

      Liked by 3 people

      1. bruins can’t even get that right — didn’t they wear cream colored jerseys for the 50-0 game…?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Once again, it isn’t the bozos. They wear the ripple and puke colored uni’s. The prefect metaphor for the bozo bb program and Andyain’twinning.


  4. Owns never fails to deliver a Bravo Sierra internet performance.

    Pandemic relief. Library closes & internet access shutsdown, bruin bob nowhere to be seen. Coincidence? I think not.
    Bruin bob aka THE YOOPER, loves Fuc los Angeles, but no transcript.
    Attacks SC, Cal but knows he would be wasting his time even applying for admission.
    Attacks SC alum P76, knowing full well P76 has forgotten more about SC than owns will ever know.
    +1 for owns, did remember to vacuum P76 trunk at the Cerritos car wash.

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  5. “I spoke to a friend who graduated from USC after the basketball team’s victory over Cal.”

    Odd. I didn’t know graduation was last week. Must have been one of those “sports information” majors.

    They don’t have to learn much grammar.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I think wilsonreade was having fun with what he mistook to be a confusing phrase [ ‘graduating right after the game’]…….
        Note: From now on it’s Dr. tebow, Dr. Fuck You, and Dr. S…..
        USC will be announcing multi million $ plans to re-renovate the Coli later this afternoon…..

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  6. Memo to: ’67

    Unlike most bozo FB pussies, I never make excuses for Bruin FB losses; in fact, when the Bruin FB SUCC’s you hear it from me first.

    What differentiates me from most bozo pussies is I won’t desert the team just because of 25 years years of losing and mediocrity.

    I fully expect to see UCLA win a FB NC before I expire.

    Laugh now ’67, but I’ll have the last, long laugh.


    1. Of course you didn’t make excuses…there were none, UCLA loses fair and square. It is called just being plain old bad. I am glad to hear you won’t desert your team, they can use all three of the fans they have. Don’t forgot your pompoms.


  7. owns seems to be enamored with the term ‘pussy’ lately.
    A. Is he in dream mode?
    B. Is it a new vocabulary word?
    C. Should he be renamed: Pussy Galore?



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