Oregon And Cal Trade Coaches

Oregon hired Cal assistant coach Tim DeRuyter as its defensive coordinator last week. Today, Oregon assistant coach Keith Heyward quit to reportedly become co-defensive coordinator at Cal.

This interests me because it involves Heyward, the former USC cornerbacks coach under Steve Sarkisian.

It probably won’t get written but Heyward likely left Oregon because he was never going to become the defensive coordinator. He was overlooked several times in recent years.

And even though DeRuyter has a good reputation, Cal coach Justin Wilcox let his buddy, former USC assistant Peter Sirmon, call the signals for the Cal defense last season.

So DeRuyter got a promotion at Oregon while Heyward will probably have similar duties at Cal and probably left because he was miffed at Oregon.

24 thoughts on “Oregon And Cal Trade Coaches

      1. The republican Civil War is underway, republicans are eating their own.

        Con Hannity goes after Moscow Mitch



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!

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      2. That’s very astute financial advice, karma…. but I’m not getting on that train…


      1. Crazy thing about this is if you watch the games we don’t even utilize the offense like we should with him in the middle and he’s still balling out like this. He should be Pac 12 Player Of The Year.

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      2. Is owns still here? I thought we called a TKO on the “winners and losers” post earlier today to prevent further damage to him from getting pummeled without mercy…

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      3. Owns got up from the knockdown, insisted the blood was not getting in his eye and he could still fight…..
        —-Cyrano (before he, sadly, checks out)

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      4. Buzzerbeaters will do that to you. Like USC&Mathews did to the Bruins last season at Galen Center. BZZZZZZZZ!


  1. Just to amplify on the opening salvo fired from mr wolf,
    Deroot was Asst HEAD coach. Not asst coach.
    Coach Heywood will work with the dBacks and Sirmon will concentrate on LB’s where he spent almost ten yrs at the pro level. Watch Sirmon on YouTube. Agility of a running back. Watch him rush the passer, he was around end before the opposing tackle could get out of a three pt stance. Fun highlights.

    Deroot(great guy) was an LB at the Academy, had one good season at Fresno State & rose to his Peter Principal level. Will double his salary working for Nike. Good for him.

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    1. I think Wilcox knows his D.*
      Deruyter AND Sirmon are both good defensive minds.
      Too many Generals. Not enough soldiers.
      Wilcox and Sirmon will have a stout D in 2021.

      I was looking forward to seeing what kinda’ offense Musgrave would have for the Bears in 2020. Cal could be sporty on offense in 2021 if they keep Garbers healthy. I will also suggest that Musgrave could be beyond his best years. We’ll see.

      *And, yes, I was at Wilcox’ last game that he coached at USC–the Pac 12 Champ debacle in Santa Clara where McCaffrey ran/returned about 400+ yards vs the Trojans. I thought Wilcox sucked. I just didn’t understand how otherworldly was one Christian McCaffrey.

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      1. Yeah, this is how well Justin Wilcox knows defense, Clueless Clay had to fire Wilcox because Wilcox doesn’t know shit about coverage.

        “I don’t know”

        – Justin Wilcox when asked who was supposed to cover Christian McCaffrey as he torched Wilcox/USC defense on a record setting day/performance.



        AHA HA HA HA HA!


      2. The Stanford offense WAS McCaffrey. How do you defend against a guy like him coming out of the backfield for short passes that leave him in space?


      3. TO:
        I think Wilcox’ Cal defense in 2019 was in the top 20 nationally per FPI.
        Their offense was below horrid, so the D was on the field a large percentage of the time in 2019.

        So yes, TO, Wilcox knows his college D.
        No one stopped McCaffrey in his Soph nor Junior year, and he’s been a challenge to defenses in the NFL. The question of the day is “why didn’t the oh-so-brilliant HC David Shaw use McCaf during Christian’s frosh year?”

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  2. If USC had an assistant leave for a lateral position like the coaches above, the Blogger would be having a hissy fit about this being XX number of assistants that Helton has had to replace in his program and how the end of the world is coming.


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