How Will USC Fill Its Coaching Vacancy?

With John David Baker officially off to Mississippi, how will USC fill the spot?

Will Graham Harrell hire another buddy to coach the tight ends?

Personally, I’d make Chris Claiborne the linebackers coach and let a graduate assistant deal with the tight ends, because USC doesn’t throw to them anyways. And USC linebackers need coaching.

But that will not happen because defensive coordinator Todd Orlando personally coaches the linebackers.

9 thoughts on “How Will USC Fill Its Coaching Vacancy?

  1. I agree 100%. Claibourne is not only a great up and coming coach but he is a great recruiter who especially knows the SoCal area well. They are stupid if they let him go.

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    1. Luke Fickle ……IF hired later would probably steal him away from them. He knows what Claiborne brings to the program. Too much knowledge as a player and coach to not keep him around. SMH.

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  2. If the rumor that Prentice Gill is coming to USC from ASU is true; it’s not a bad trade. Gill is currently rated the 7th best recruiter in the conference and is ASU’s best recruiter…

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