USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC 1980’s Reunion

They got a good turnout of almost 50 former players for a Saturday Zoom session. Frankly, USC should do these type of things but more often focuses on Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush or Matt Barkley.

Prentice Gill

The Arizona State wide receivers’ coach got the Sun Devils to match a three-year offer from USC and avoided the Helton circus.

Chris Claiborne

The Trojan legend got hired as linebackers coach at Arizona State when USC decided it didn’t need a linebackers coach.

Daniel Imatorbhebhe

He has attended Florida, USC, Illinois and is transferring to Kansas State in a seven-year career. Maybe he will be Dr. Imatorbhebhe.

Markese Stepp

After hearing what USC coaches purposely limited his playing time, he was smart to transfer to Nebraska.


Coach Bohn

The guy has all the subtlety of a lead balloon the way moves are made within the program under the guise that Clay Helton is the head coach.

USC running backs

How does Kenan Christon (or Stephen Carr) get more playing time with Keontay Ingram transferring in from Texas? I didn’t mention Vavae Malepeai because he is a coaches’ favorite.

USC tight ends

Does USC care about the tight ends or not? The elevation of offensive analyst Seth Doege to tight ends coach doesn’t suggest the position is becoming more prominent.

USC apparel

Who buys this stuff?

48 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

      1. This might be Stephen’s most sentimental post —the ’80’s were a time of optimism and openness (Hey! Wasn’t the Chris Pratt character in Guardians of the Galaxy born in the ’80’s? He grew up to save the fucking universe. I rest my case). My kids were born in the mid ’80’s and they had the kind of childhoods —music, films, stable society —ALL kids should have —but haven’t ever since.

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      2. Great USC stars like: Cheryl Miller and the McGee sisters, who captured our only two nattys in women’s basketball. Not to mention other USC Hall of Famers like RJ, Big Mac and Jack. These folks had, and have some of the most successful professional careers ever out of USC sports….as for me, I just wanted to go back and take myself out of the lineup the day I tore my elbow up, but geez, Budapest, you always seem to bring the best out of people.

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      3. Oh, and Mr. Marcus Allen, among others, came out of USC in 1981-82. He rushed for well over 2,000 yards that year. When’s the last time we saw that?

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      4. 60’s had the BEST music and some of the best USC teams, 70’s would be a close second aside from disco but punk killed that thankfully, 80’s sucked aside from Reagan

        Steel Wheels ? Really ?

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      5. John Lennon killed. Bay City Rollers produce “Breakout” album. Oh, there were some low points on the music front alright. But, all in all, I recall the ’80’s as the last time this country seemed to be headed in the right direction….. meaning, we seemed to be trying to come together…and there was still a belief that tomorrow could be better than today.

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    1. Doctor Folt doesn’t see it that way, karma.
      [This really is Folt’s mindset….and she’s genuinely surprised that fans won’t go along —witness her outburst when confronted by disappointed USC fan at a basketball game: “You’re being a jerk!”]…..

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  1. “How does Kenan Christon (or Stephen Carr) get more playing time with Keontay Ingram transferring in from Texas?”

    Well they could try and earn it…

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      1. That’s a solid point. We’ve seen Helton bench runners and receivers for complaining about his light practices. He can be a very little man. Thankfully, he’s not the ‘real’ coach anymore….

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      2. There is also the issue of figuring out how to get your best talent on the field. If Markese had trouble with pass protection, or catching the ball, then work with him on that. Maybe he couldn’t pick that up, but I have seen enough 4 and 5 star talent sit on the bench that failing to help the players reach their potential is a chronic problem with the coaching staff. Lots of USC wins are on the basis of enormous individual talent, not the guys being coached up to where they can be.

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      3. It may even be said that ALL USC wins under Helton have been the result of individual effort rather than coaching. Seriously. Not setting out to be funny here.

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      1. Agreed. [Ironically, anyone who stays …and succeeds in spite of him….. is also a winner]…….

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    1. Hoping Markese has a banner year. That said he’ll have to be healthy all year for the first time since he was a sophomore in high school. This year being an outlier do to it’s shortened season. huskers seem to be a good fit if they find their passing offense to keep teams off balance, that McCaffery kid can run it too..

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      1. All (your last like half dozen) great points. The one thing I’d add: I saw a couple of interviews where Markese was insisting he WASN’T hurt and felt ready to play. I’m wondering whether being told he wasn’t medically fit when he knew (or felt) otherwise wasn’t a big part of his decision to leave for greener pastures.

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      2. Don’t know what he knows or doesn’t know. Didn’t hear that myself, but either way, he’s gone and nothings gonna bring him back. But last year he was hurt, how long who knows. Does it matter? Helton doesn’t need an excuse, the last time I checked he was still the head coach.


      3. MG-
        You know a good football player is like a good boxer, they will never quit and will keep going until someone steps in for their own good. Getting injured or being injury prone isn’t a knock on Markese or any player for that matter , but if he wants to go pro and have a good career, there is a certain amount of luck involved.

        I wish him the best, but a doctor looking out for you is better than a doctor telling you that there is nothing wrong with you.

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      4. Arturo,
        Yes, that’s generally very wise advice. But may I tell you a story about Sicilian intuition? A long, long time ago a doctor told me I needed an operation. I said no. he told me my condition was serious. I said “I don’t care.” He said it would get worse and worse. I said “I don’t care.” He said “it may kill you.” I said “I don’t care.”
        Moral of story: As Ray Leonard told his doctors when they said not to fight again after his detached retina, “I know my body better than you do.”


      5. Arturo — The most important doctrine of Sufism is that there will always exist on earth a man who is under the protection of Allah.
        Given how things have worked out for Helton (particularly the Swann contract extension —but a host of other things as well) —do you think the 21st century version of this man is….Clay Helton?

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  2. Since the season ended Helton is alone atop the list of coaches with a buyout too big pay. All of the others, some real coaches, were let go. With the Rams parting ways with a stack of cash and players, to be rid of a quarterback USC looks stupid worrying about the Helton buyout.

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