The Churn Continues With USC Football

It seems like someone is always coming or going at USC.

Last week, I mentioned the report Angelia Brummett accepted the director of on-campus recruiting at USC, but then turned it down to go to Tennessee.

But that led to a simple question: What happened to the previous director of on-campus recruiting? Apparently, Kelsea Winkle is no longer part of the program.

I normally don’t care much about these hirings except tends to pat himself on the back every time it adds an employee.

And now we have a flurry of four new assistant strength coaches joining new strength coach Robert Stiner.

So does that mean four assistant strength coaches got fired when Aaron Ausmus was relieved of his duties in December?

It’s a revolving door.

Ausmus was famously told by Clay Helton in late December he did a great job only to be told by Helton a few days later he was not returning. That means Coach Bohn and Co. decided to fire Ausmus since Helton doesn’t run the program.

33 thoughts on “The Churn Continues With USC Football

      1. But SUCC is in second place-same old, same old.

        The object is to win the Pac 12 conf., the Pac 12 tournament and receive a decent Big Boy Tournament seeding and shot at the NC. The NC is the ultimate team goal, not some cheesy, individual, CoY or DPoY award.



      2. Saturday will be there sooner than you want…

        I’ve decided to stop calling that school ruins btw. I will hence forth refer to them as the “School Out West”. But I’m sure you won’t mind if I use the appropriate acronym “sows”. In any cases you sow wannabe have a nice day.

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      3. Damn, ESPN keeps replaying the end of the gutties-Stanford game. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…Wooden must be turning over, after seeing something so fundamental and so simple go so horribly wrong.

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  1. It is like the Wizard of OZ, all the action takes place behind the curtain. What is Bohn’s strategy? Keep the team as competitive as possible until he is allowed to fire Clay?


      1. Exactly, Pudly. An addendum to that would be, Your power comes from what you control.
        If I am a recruit who follows SC football on social media and I see this new Tweet, I say to myself, “ Four new S & C coaches, better for me and the program. Looks good.”

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      2. Agree, though there has to be tension within the program if Bohn is making the decisions the HC should be making. Can’t be doing that for the long-term…

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      3. Brady Henderson

        KENT, Wash. — “Former Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Chad Wheeler has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges of first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest.

        Wheeler entered the plea Monday morning during an arraignment at King County’s Maleng Regional Justice Center. He was ordered to remain in Washington on electronic home detention with a GPS-equipped ankle monitoring device as a condition of his pretrial release. Wheeler was previously ordered to have no contact with the woman and to surrender any weapons.

        Wheeler has a case-setting hearing scheduled for Feb. 11, according to a spokesperson with the King County prosecutor’s office. His trial is scheduled for April 6.”

        #C. “Wheelie” Wheeler, crazy, former marginal SUCC FB player and 4th string, NFL Bust, be prison bound?

        #I’m sure “Wheelie” will get all the BJ’s he can handle in the Pen.

        King County Superior Court Judge Tanya Thorp kept Wheeler’s bail at $400,000. Wheeler has been out of jail since posting bond on Jan. 26.


      4. My little buddy is copying text? Geez you cry when anyone else does it. Oh well, you can’t count on sows doing the right thing or holding themselves to the same standards they hold others, eh sow wannabe?
        Who’s this …and where did she graduate from? I believe she, too, is a sow!!💋

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      5. More along the lines that if the AD is taking over many of the HC functions, then this changes the way the assistants and the players look at Clay re: respect, etc. Will they listen to a guy whose job is being done by the AD?

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      6. Yep, Clay is the boss, but we want an effective boss, one who will facilitate excellence and be respected. I worry that if everyone knows Clay is losing his decisions to Bohn that this will compromise his ability to lead.


    1. It’s too late for me, what happened this year is indefensible. All the draft choices going to NFL- three miracles & a home loss to an overrated 2- loss Oregon team. I’m only happy for 4-0 record betting against USC. I’m rooting for San Jose State especially if I can get 24-28 points on the game. I’m serious about wanting to go march around the coliseum during Spring/ the rest of the season to demonstrate that intelligence overcomes loyalty. Beat USC – my sign would say that I miss Mike Garrett. Or better yet my protest sign would say Three Athletics Directors/ Three Presidents & one Moron I’m sleepwalking Please wake me up when this nightmare is over. Go Usc basketball/ fuck Trojans football, uSC class of ‘88!

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  2. This is just part of the clown curriculum we are three ring circus. P.T. Barnbohn thinks we’re all suckers. I must say the cellophane wrapper is a bit tight and getting old.

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      1. Ah, you hiding from me posting to another thread? Why do ya always lurk about in the dark? It’s probably because that “castle” over on the west side doesn’t have windows that open to the sun, eh you sow wannabe

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  3. It’s just like you Pisley, to pander to a “Sow.”

    Pisley’s new tweet handle @Oink,Oink

    #@Oink,Oink the re-tweet queen


    1. Gosh Pisley, what’s it like so obviously stupid. Of course Sat. is coming, it follows Friday. But first Pisley, SUCC must play Stanford away, unless, of course, Andyain’twinningorplaying cries postpone again with another FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, positive CV-19 test.

      BTW Pisley, you pathetic cretin, the 2/6 rivalry game is at Clown U’s sandbox BB court, or as it’s known at UCLA: the rotting dump in the ghetto.

      #Dear Pisley, try to keep up, will ya-Oink, Oink.


  4. Dear Pisley: AP poll

    1 Gonzaga (61) 17-0 1,597 1
    2 Baylor (3) 16-0 1,539 2
    3 Villanova 11-1 1,458 3
    4 Michigan 13-1 1,402 4
    5 Houston 15-1 1,348 6
    6 Texas 11-3 1,228 5
    7 Ohio St. 14-4 1,133 13
    8 Iowa 12-4 1,079 7
    9 Oklahoma 11-4 966 24
    10 Alabama 14-4 958 9
    11 Tennessee 12-3 869 18
    12 Illinois 11-1 850 19
    13 Texas Tech 12-5 797 10
    14 Virginia 11-1 752 8
    15 Creighton 13-4 732 17
    16 Virginia Tech 13-3 718 20
    17 West Virginia 11-5 669 17
    18 Missouri 11-3 589 18
    19 Wisconsin 13-3 452 14
    20 Florida State 10-3 393 16
    21 UCLA 13-3 260 23
    22 Florida 10-4 196 22
    23 Kansas 11-6 171 15
    24 Purdue 12-6 130 24
    25 Drake 16-0 117 NR

    What no SUCC BB. LOL!!!


  5. It is a good thing that there is some turnover and there is new blood coming into SC’s athletics department. Bohn is getting things ready for a new coach next year.


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