USC Hires New Hype Video Producer . . . From Cal

Remember the hoopla when USC hired two hype video guys from LSU, the national champions!?!?

Well, one of them (Jake Brown) quit once he saw the actual working environment.

Today, USC announced it hired Nick Mitchell as its new head of video production. Mitchell came from Cal.

So USC went from hiring someone who was at LSU to hiring someone at Cal? Got it.

  • What USC did not announce today with its new strength staff additions is that former player Christian Tupou was not retained as an assistant strength coach. That means three former players (Tupoi, Chris Claiborne, Hayes Pullard) have left since December. You need to be from Texas or Cincinnati if you want a future these days.

9 thoughts on “USC Hires New Hype Video Producer . . . From Cal

  1. Well Clay…..we replaced everybody and you lost to BYU, ND, Az St, Utah, Udub and Stanford.
    Well……how can you expect me to motivate a team without fans in the stands…….but Clay…….Covid was last year……..Oh!
    Maybe if you were to give tickets away to the homeless by November, 2022 we could be really rolling.

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  2. Love the SUCC video of the bozo Fat Sh*t running down the side line like he going to score(LOL) vs Oregon and Slovis laid out like a 3-day old cadaver.

    #Slovis: Where is I?
    #Has he come too yet?
    #SUCC motto: Any team, anywhere, anytime. What a load of cheap blarney.


    1. Helton really believes this is what the program needs. He probably goes into meeting saying “you know…..if we could the public jacked up then I think we’ll win!”
      Then he says……..
      “Let’s get the guys who directed Armageddon and Pirates of the Caribbean”


  3. Bohn’s turned USC fb into a big ol’ Texas sewage pit. Only the sewage pit pays others to take a dump. Helton has to be laughing- “‘Coach’ Bohn! Hahaha! More like ‘Clueless Bohn’. And that guy Harrell is bigger joke than me! Well as long as I get paid, I’m happy, smiling at these Hollywood dildos. Hahaha Aw man, I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams.”

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    1. Bohn wasnt the AD when Harrell was hired, same thing for Jinks.

      Alot of people are jumping ship because they know that Helton/Harrell have a very short leash to make the offense work or get fired. There is not alot of stability at USC.

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  4. The blogger’s obsession with the hype video guys is coming close to his level of obsession with statues wearing Nike shoes.


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