A Night Time USC Horror Story

I wrote Friday about USC horror stories regarding old trophies.

A USC booster emailed me this story today: “I remember going to Heritage Hall during the renovation. They threw autographed footballs into the trash. They had the framed team photos of the national championship teams from the 1960’s-70’s that were tossed into the bins. No one cared.”

14 thoughts on “A Night Time USC Horror Story

      1. I don’t remember exactly, Pudly….but I’m sure Carol wouldn’t let him infect our team with his toxicity …whoever he is…..

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  1. I have a sinking feeling that Harrell will be the next head coach. If so, kiss football good bye for ever. He would be Helton 2.0. Lousy coaches no one wants to hire. Dont believe all the “interviews” Harrell receives as they are courtesy calls. He has not been hired elsewhere.

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    1. I don’t hate Harrell as much as many on this site do —-but the image of him petulantly chomping an energy bar and spewing food bits on Dan Weber as he answered questions about the BYU loss leads me to believe he might just lack a Head Coach’s polish ….

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  2. Sadly, the name “Heritage” Hall hardly befits how it was treated during the renovation. So much heritage and memories tossed out as if they never existed. Most of the renovation was under Haden’s watch, no?

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    1. It’s not like Pat to negligently monitor athletic department operations…. I guess a few things got past him, though…

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  3. Pat Haden tried to switch his sports illustrated replica BCS National Championship Trophy for the real one that day until he realized it was returned Haa!

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