USC Morning Buzz: Was Recruiting Aided In Unexpected Way?

With Signing Day on Wednesday, USC’s recruiting class is ranked No. 8 by Rivals.

It’s obvious USC’s recruiting improved with its new staff (Donte Williams).

Maybe an interesting question is whether USC actually was aided in recruiting by the pandemic?

First, USC’s recruiting was not hurt by big losses to Alabama and Notre Dame. Second, could recruits make trips to sold-out stadiums in the SEC, Big Ten or Clemson?

This is not to say recruiting relied on these once-in-a-100-years-pandemic, but it would not be a stretch to say the Trojans benefitted at least a little bit.

  • USC, with its five new strength coaches, started workouts this week.
  • A database has been started for former USC players to update their lives and whereabouts. Here is the link.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Was Recruiting Aided In Unexpected Way?

  1. Maybe the recruited students like the underdog. No I guess that’s Ucla, but maybe the pandemic made them reassess moving across country to leave their families. Or ancient aliens built the coliseum and the mothership is due back. Or perhaps it’s the overpaid overweight coach. Nope Ucla again.
    I’m sticking with the alien theory

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    1. Good work, Rialto. There is NO other explanation for the existence of the Coliseum. Scientists have proven the stones used to build the walls are too heavy for 20th century equipment…..

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  2. Actually, funny you should mention it, Korey did attend a clemson game just before signing day and even had pics taken sitting with DJ’s family. Now I know they weren’t sold out, but they hardly were empty stadiums like in California. So I’d say the advantage still lied with those other teams much more than the left coast teams..

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      1. Pudly –Tennessee defense attorneys have already put out a press release saying they can easily prove that a MacDonald’s bag couldn’t sustain the weight of any amount over $1743 —-making these charges into minor infractions…

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    1. I think we need to choose a different example, f.f.
      Caruso, Folt, Bohn and Helton DO know how to drive Ferraris. #TheyKeepTheRollsInTheGarageForSpecialOccasions

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