USC Hype Outpaces Performance

Video courtesy @pmsunion

So USC deleted a tweet today that mocked the weather in Texas. It seems to delete more and more things since it started BLVD Studios and partnered with J1S.

Remember the debacle of the video above, which caused an apology from Mike Bohn.

It’s all about hype, hype, hype!

NEVER about on-field performance, performance, performance.

Even USC safeties coach Craig Naivar, who grew up in Texas and might even have relatives or friends there struggling through the current crisis, could not resist today.

23 thoughts on “USC Hype Outpaces Performance

    1. Remember all those assholes that left California for Texas? They thought they knew better…LMFAO!




      I LOVE IT!!!!!


      1. Yes, they can! But it is hard to play that kind of D, and be able to calibrate the jump shot at the same time. Need a deep bench to do both.

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      2. We gave up 44 in the first half, but teams get into foul trouble and run out of steam defending us…plus having to run so many wide rotations trying to set up open outside shots drains even more energy.

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    1. In all fairness, the “fighting Bobby Hurleys” were playing without several of their starters. Still, a great “W” for the Trojans. I Mobley had a good game. Down the stretch I hope he can take some of the pressure off E Mobley, who is destined for double teaming in March.

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      1. True they were shorthanded, but Bagley isn’t much of a scorer anyway. The other wasnt much ofa difference maker. Their updated schedule puts the quacks on Monday and moves stanfurd to the end of the season, with zona, the buffs, utes and sow in between. They will have their work cut out for them.


      1. I don’t see anything wrong with bragging about your weather in california when recruiting. What they said was the truth. We have better weather in SoCal than anywhere else in the country. That’s the truth. That’s a fact. Is it wrong to tell the truth?

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    1. My wife tells me Elon Musk and Space-X provided heating devices to keep these sea turtles alive. In response to TebowObama above, nice to have Elon spreading the love and cash in Tejas.

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  1. Maybe they should spend a little of that hype money and paint the HoJo field walls. They are starting to look a little dilapidate and warped. Real programs have quality facilities, indoor and outdoor, and very little hype. Even Oregon doesn’t hype. They have nice stuff and recruits come a see it and like it. Its not on social media parade. All go and no show. Just the opposite from usc.


    1. Video mentioned the USC National Champions [certainly not the past 2 decades, since CCH’s arrival]…That’s pure hype when you can’t get your facts right… Having Helton in any video pretty much takes the Cool out of it…


    1. I like to watch Drake’s TD against UCLA ….and think about my friend Owns going, “good, they got him down at the 15…no, the ten ….no, they got him wrapped up on the 5…”

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      1. That was the beginning of the end for UCLa [see what I did? its fun to make the letters look like the faces on the bruins when they saw all their hopes go ‘poof’]…….

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