USC Social Media Once Again Embarrassing

It’s really time Mike Bohn and his minion do something to control the social media team they allow to continually make USC look bad.

Let’s see, people in Texas don’t have power or water in freezing weather, what can we tweet?

It was finally deleted after an outcry. But why is the the USC football account (and others) so consistently tone deaf? Is the misery of people in other parts of the country nothing more than a recruiting tool?

Bohn needs to answer for this. He likes to brag about increasing staff and making a bigger impact. Is this what he has in mind?

22 thoughts on “USC Social Media Once Again Embarrassing

    1. Well then there’s this to make up for it… will scottie recognize their social responsibility to the planet like he picked on them for the post?

      Of course NOT.

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      1. On the other hand, major fossil fuel producers including Exxon/Mobil and Shell are also some of the biggest alternative energy producers, so when USC (and other universities) divest big oil, they are also divesting big algae/biofuel, big biomass fuel, big hydrogen fuel.

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    1. Great rookie year, will only get better. He was targeted a bunch of times in the playoff loss to Buffalo.

      Phillip Rivers on Pittman: “So talented, explosive coming out of the blocks, incredibly strong after he catches the ball”

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  1. The Rose Parade and Rose Bowl were specifically designed to present the Southern California weather as sunny and bright while the rest of the country froze, so why is this so bad?
    Part of USC’s success belongs to the beautiful weather on New Year’s Day. The reason the Neuter Dame game is played earlier back east is the weather.
    Cancel culture has run amok- weather shaming-USC should stop playing football altogether because some cows are cold across the country?
    Honestly we didn’t cause the cold. If you listen to democratic think we’re causing the warming.
    Human snowflakes are the worst kind.

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    1. You’re sound like you’re so patriotic you’re cool with people who took over the Capitol. Body counts are like whatever as long as they don’t undermine my myopic worldview, right?


  2. I guess we should criticize the rose bowl on new years day for having sunny warm weather on tv…everyone can see that too…all’s fair in love war and football recruiting…last time I looked…what a nag.

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  3. FWIW, 24/7, 4 star RB Javantae Barnes and 4 star (on the bubble of 5 star) safety Zion Branch are supposed to be locks for USC. Both from Nevada, I believe.

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  4. I like the tweet. The weather here SHOULD be used as a recruiting advantage. Play it up. If you dont like it … go live in Texas or Alabama and freeze.

    Maybe some people think it is taking advantage of others’ misery. But you know who doesnt care ? 18 year olds who want to be warm .


  5. Listen SC,

    We are trying to get rid of Newsome. If you keep showing the weather in So CAl, those stupid moron libtardds will move back and help keep that bonehead no good for nothing Newsome in office. Stop.


  6. TebownerObama is DEAD. Living in HELL.. controlled by the DEMON that TebownerObama is….Controlled by Demons inside of Tebowner


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