USC Morning Buzz: A Good Test Of Coaching Evaluation Skills

I hear USC defensive line coach Vic So’oto has been raving about defensive tackle Ishmael Sopsher, who transferred from Alabama, since the four-star prospect announced he would become a Trojan.

One source said So’oto claimed Sopsher will be USC’s top defensive lineman next season.

This is good to know. If it happens, So’oto will deserve credit for his evaluation skills. If it doesn’t happen, we will know why Sopsher fell out of the defensive line rotation at Alabama and even fell behind two true freshmen at defensie tackle.

Sopsher did not make an appearance in 2020 and played in only one game in 2019 for Alabama.

But Sopsher has one massive thing going for him in 2021: He will face Pac-12 offensive linemen, not SEC offensive linemen.

  • USC defensive quality control analyst Shawn Hope has been named defensive line coach at Montana State. I’m sure USC will find someone from Texas to replace him.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Good Test Of Coaching Evaluation Skills

  1. “Sopsher has one massive thing going for him: he’ll be facing Pac 12 O-linemen…” Can we add the word “South” to that prediction, Scott………?

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    1. Nice to see that Oregon lost it’s QB (Shough?) to the portal, Michael.
      The TRF kid from BC will be a challenge for the Trojan D and likely will be an upgrade for the Dux. You know that Ore will have a stout D in 2021. UW and Jimmy Lake remain a mystery to me.

      Still, I’m thinking it’s Oregon in the North, and a 10-2 Trojan team from the South in the Pac 12 champ game. Anything less than a 10-2 result for this Trojan team is unacceptable. Of course, an 11-1 result is my expectation for 2021.

      If Sopsher can help Tuli, Foreman, D Jack etc anchor a sturdy D-line, then I’m all in. I also like Nick Figueroa in the DL rotation.

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      1. Bourbon –I was really worried about both Robby Ashford and Cale Millen at QB for Oregon….until I watched them run. I’m guessing they are both just a shade under 5 seconds in the 40. That fact alone limits what they can do to us & I think we’ll shut down their passing game again. I AM worried that they’ll beat up on OUR QB. Their defense is the best in the Pac 12 — by far….. and I don’t see our o-line being able to stand up them (even though they’ve lost a couple good guys to graduation)…..

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    2. I’m circling possible days for our upcoming incredible date. I am thinking of going to an incredible steakhouse & then taking a little longer walk after dinner with a banner from a plane stating “THANKS ENFIELD “ to make you realize that you are “ King “. I promise not to tell my girlfriend & no mention to your wife. This proposed date has the same chance of reality that usc football has of winning the PAC-12 conference. #soexcitedtobepartofMGinnercircle/ #Pudleyisjealous/#justownsgettingscaredofUSCbasketballsuccess


  2. Here is some video of Ishmael Sopsher – you can see why he was ranked #3 DT in high school – really strong leg drive and powerful upper body, he overwhelms high school lineman and powerful upper body. Also played hoops, so he has good footwork . From these videos, it looks like he may need to lose some weight, perhaps that was an issue at ‘Bama:

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    1. Yea, 67 is back!
      I read online (so who knows how much that’s worth, right?) that Ishmael has the talent….but he doesn’t show up at practice…. which is why Saban wasn’t high on him. Have you seen any of those comments?

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      1. Micheal,

        This happened with BKU. However, Oregeron changed that. Hopefully So’oto can change that attitude and help him become a great player. The player needs to want it and try and strive to make himself the best through working out and giving everything on every play.

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    2. Hey Michael! Haven’t seen those comments about his practices…hopefully Ishmael and Vic So’oto hit it off and Ishmael becomes the player everyone thought he would be. They guy looks incredibly strong and agile for his size.

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    1. Lunardi bracketology has USC as a #5 vs a strong Western Kentucky team in Indianapolis. With a “W”, we’d likely get a tough Texas Tech team.

      Home game for Western Kentucky and USC would be traveling east two time zones. “Ambush?”

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      1. Nice interview. Thanks for posting. Enfield is so much more forthright than Helton. Maybe that’s why his team respects his opinion: They know he’s for real.

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      1. He’s fast —although folks are saying he might not be that fast…

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      2. He’s a TE/WR but his times are more like Pittman. Fast enough he’s hard to cover with a LB, big enough he’s a tough cover for a DB, and knows how to get separation.

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