USC Picture Of The Night

It’s a classic photo from 1974, when USC won the national championship. I believe this is the great defensive lineman and All-American, Gary Jeter, against Iowa.

7 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

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      2. PT,
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  1. A unique team, including the 55-24 comeback of all time against Parseghian and the domers (I think Parseghian quit not long after that, Anthony Davis provided the incentive for early retirement), then the great comeback against Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. Remarkable amount of talent, with Ricky Bell and Allen Bradford behind AD at tailback, Tatupu at fullback, Marvin Powell, Dennis Thurman, Marvin Cobb, the Batman, Clay Matthews, the list goes on.

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    1. Parseghian did retire after that season. Losing to AD kind of help. But he was in his 60’s. He was Presbertairan and Armenian. That was unusual to hire a head coach with the heritiage at that time, especially at ND. This helped open the coaching ranks to hire all types of coaches.

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  2. Those were the teams that set the bar at SC. Now, you have Helton setting the bar. He is setting it by seeing how low he can go with the program.

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