A Must-See Interview From USC

USC assistant coach Jason Hart interviewed Henry Bibby and it’s worth watching since it might be Bibby’s first public event affiliated with the university since he was fired back in 2004.

This quote is priceless:

“No other school was interested in me when I was winning at ‘SC, which is incredible as well,” Bibby said. “You think, we go to the Elite Eight (in 2001), we beat UCLA a few times, we have some 20-game seasons, that people would be knocking on my door, but nobody knocked on my door.

“It was really interesting. To this day, I can’t (fathom) what happened.”

Well, it wasn’t so crazy to those who were around USC at the time. Bibby created an often toxic environment around his teams that became widely known in basketball circles. All you had to do was speak to former players to know what kind of drama you would invite by hiring him. Then-athletic director Mike Garrett tolerated it but no one else wanted to. Any athletic director that did five minutes of research knew better.

No one knocked on Bibby’s door but he did plenty of knocking. Right after USC lost to Duke in the Elite Eight, I remember walking in the locker room and seeing a USC assistant coach huddled in the corner with an ESPN reporter. That night, the reporter wrote Bibby was being courted by Rutgers.

So there were schools who knocked on Bibby’s door? Or was the story planted with a reporter to try and give Bibby leverage into getting a raise at USC? Nothing else ever came of the Rutgers story.

Anyways, enjoy the interview.


9 thoughts on “A Must-See Interview From USC

  1. Despite what Scott Wolf said Henry Bibby did a good job at SC while he was there for the most part. His teams played good fundamental basketball, and he recruited some talent included Sam Clancy, Desmond Farmer, David Blumenthal, Jarvis Turner. The program was a mess when he took over for Charlie Parker, and it is not like George Raveling did a great job his last few years before retiring. Bibby, knows basketball, and can teach the fundamentals as well. His major downfall was he is not a people person, and most people did not like him but the man nearly took USC to a final four where everyone else has not even come close so give him some credit, and remember he was hired in a very awkward position especially being a Bruin. I would rather have a coach that I did not like then a guy like George Raveling who I liked, but was vastly overrated as a basketball coach, but was an excellent politician.


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  3. In terms of Black coaches, I could see Jason Hart taking over for Enfield if he left. To me, it seems that Hart is the glue that keeps that team going. Enfield is a little reserved, from what I have seen. Hart to me seems a little more personable. Both coaches are very approachable, but to me it seems that Hart has a little more fire. I believe that Hart knows basketball and he canj recruit. He has earned the head coaching position if it comes available.


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