USC Morning Buzz: Nothing Like Whining Over A Victory

USC routed Stanford on Wednesday night and kept itself in position to win the Pac-12.

So what does Andy Enfield do? Whine about the schedule.

“It is disappointing that Oregon doesn’t have to play UCLA in Pauley (Pavilion) like they were supposed to, but that’s all I really can say,” Enfield said after the Stanford game.

All he can say? Why can’t he say more since he decided to bring it up?

More importantly, did Enfield forget we are in a pandemic?

We just had a football season where all teams did not play each other. Washington was forced to give up its spot in the Pac-12 championship game vs. USC. Oregon finished second in the Pac-12 North and is Pac-12 champions.

Crazy stuff happened because of COVID-19.

But the main point was to simply have some type of a season.

And the Pac-12 has had myriad COVID issues during basketball season.

Enfield shows (again) he is a dolt even under good conditions.

Should Oregon coach Dana Altman say, “It’s disappointing Stanford and Arizona State were missing multiple starters vs. USC?”

USC played four games in eight days, including two in high altitude (Colorado, Utah). That’s not ideal but it’s part of the business of surviving during a pandemic.

Oregon just played 7 games in 14 days (three on the road) against 5 of the top 6 teams in the Pac-12.

Is everything fair? Nope. Is everything equal? Nope.

Should a coach whine about it after a 37-point victory? Nope.

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Nothing Like Whining Over A Victory




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  2. owns crying like a little girl about the schedule inequities, while sow doesn’t play all their makeup games…classic hypocrisy💋


    1. F. U. Pisley. Oregon did not have to play a game at Pauley. That’s a fact, you little CS pussy.

      #”FactsMatter” ~ Dear Pisley


      1. It would be great to see sow add a Thursday game vs the quacks to make up the schedule variance….but would they offer it up like we did? Heck no.
        That’s real chicken poop.


      2. So funny how you change the truth. Add up the number of games that most the conference plays and both sow and quacks are short of games. You whiny little brat.


      3. Hang on a sec BruinRob, when USC was selected to play Penn State in the 2017 Rose Bowl over Colorado you cried foul. You stated that Colorado should be chosen because they finished “second” in the conference. But the “facts” were that the CFP and Pac 12 had their choice of what team would go to the Rose Bowl if the conference champions went to the CFP Final Four. Typical liberal, you want it both ways.

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  3. News flash! Trojan coach whines after Stanford game. An act which has been going on since the two independent schools met for the first time in any sport. Wasn’t it Stanford and Cal that worked to block USC from competing in their league about a hundred years ago?
    Even Pete Carroll had to vote his tongue after a couple of Stanford games. Ask him how he felt about clock management during games at the farm.

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  4. What Enfield should have said is that he didn’t do a good enough job coaching on the road at altitude and the team was flat and he should take responsibility for not having his teams ready. Even at Altitude, and I lived at altitude for 15 years, and play tennis, it takes about 15 minutes as an athlete to adjust your shots to the thinner air. Yes, you get winded more easily, but he can substitute more. One can adjust. I won’t watch them anymore. It is too disappointing when he doesn’t have his team ready, and it’s Enfield’s fault. I can’t suffer his poor choices anymore.

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    1. Playing CU hoops coached by Tad Boyle at the Coors Event Center with 10,000 vocal fans will always be a challenge for Coach Enfield, Joan. The loss in Boulder this year was expected. The loss to CU at the Galen earlier this Winter was UNacceptable.

      Utah is ordinarily tough, but USC should have beaten the Utes last week. That one is on Enfield and the scheduling. Likely will cost the Trojans a better seed and the chance of making it to the sweet 16.

      As it stands today, USC has a winnable first game in the Big Dance, followed by a likely loss to Bob Huggins’ West Virginia Mountaineers in the second round. A win vs UCLA this weekend might help the seeding…..

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      1. …….because there is no “away team” hatred backing it up. Genuine “home” noise carries invisible particle of antipathy for the visitors….it affects their minds and bodies….making them play play like ‘bruins’…….

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      2. There is a bit of a home court advantage just because of the familiarity with the venue and the home cooking so to speak, but nothing like the raucous chaos in normal seasons.
        By the way, it will be the sweetest of feelings taking the bagel down from sow’s home record and pushing them to the fourth seed on Saturday 😎💋

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      3. Both teams are gonna be up for this. But, all things considered, USC is the better team. No excuses — we should win.

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      4. Pisley, you horse’s ass. UCLA doesn’t schedule its P-12 conf. games; the conf. does!

        So if you and Andyain’twinning want to piss and moan, please direct your whiny BS care of the Pac-12 scheduling office. I’m sure they give a BIG sh*t
        about what you and Andyain’twinning are whining about.



      5. You’re a dope and aren’t addressing the fact that the ruins skipped a game vs the quacks that WAS scheduled by the Pac12 and not played…
        But you can dance around the truth all you want, poor little sow wannabe, it doesn’t change the fact that sow didn’t play their WHOLE schedule. They skipped a game against one of the tougher conference opponents. Bet if it was Kal they’d have it rescheduled. Hahahahaha 💋

        You can’t even lie right. Guess if I post the original schedule you’ll stop some of this caterwauling you’re continually sharing with us.


    1. If you want to acclimate to Utah and Colorado…and it IS necessary…practice at Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead. Or run sprints in The Black Forest outside of Col. Springs. 6,700ft elev. … that’s were a lot of decathlon athletes train.


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      1. This is SO beneath you, Prince Pudly.
        [btw, what thinkest thou of Biden’s “Neanderthal” comments? I seem to recall him scolding his lessers for that kind of thing just last week].

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      2. Pudly —We’re still talking about Biden, right?


  5. USC athletics is full of excuses and this is just Enfield’s way of making an excuse if SC loses the title. His team lost, or more aptly, Enfield himself lost, since he doesnt have the strategic or development skills required.

    SC fans continue to suffer as long as Enfield/Helton are the head coaches. it is a travesty, since we pay these buffoons millions of dollars.


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