Where Is The Voice For Athletics At USC?

Alex English, an NBA legend and star player at South Carolina, is a member of his alma mater’s Board of Trustees.

Can you imagine if USC did something like that?

Having an accomplished athlete who understands sports and can add the concerns of athletics during discussions on the university?

Whenever USC has had an athlete on its board, it was like they were went out of their way to avoid athletics. Pat Haden was too busy creating a persona of being a businessman and politician to become an advocate for sports while he was on the Board of Trustees. Former tennis player Heliane Steden is a trustee at USC but she has been fairly quiet and reportedly lives in Connecticut. She spends about 20 hours a year on board activities.

The lack of a sports-minded person allows Rick Caruso/Carol Folt to pretty much ignore football with the board happy to rubber stamp whatever they decide.

8 thoughts on “Where Is The Voice For Athletics At USC?

  1. Not sure of your point here. What does Alex do, how often is he available and when he is, do any board members take him seriously? What has he accomplished on the board that we’re lacking? Surely his influence has transformed UofSC into a sports power across all sports, especially bb and football?

    No you say, it didn’t?? Hmmm

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    1. What a mind boggling, f**k’g conundrum, Dear Pisley is “Not sure of your (Wolf’s) point here.” Whoa, stop the presses, sent in the clowns, and alert the somebody who gives a sh*t.

      Once again, Pisley’s reading comprehension is the fertilizer of a stupid Pisley blog comment that signifies only his teeny brain’s acute atrophy.


      1. Ah poor butt hurt little sow wannabe. What happened lose a couple games recently? Maybe it’s the irrelevance of the BB program?


    1. Hey Carol, you want to hear a story? Tomorrow morning you wake up and pull your head out of your ass and do a complete house cleaning of the entire football program. I guess that would be a fairytale, wouldn’t it?

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  2. “Ah poor butt hurt little sow wannabe. What happened lose a couple games recently? Maybe it’s the irrelevance of the BB program?”

    That’s some sizzling repartee Pisley. If Oscar Wilde were alive, he would have wished he wrote it.

    Pisley, you imbecile, if UCLA is so irrelevant why does SUCC have to win this Sat., or the Bruins will, as usual, finish ahead of Clown U BB.

    Finishing ahead of bozo BB isn’t much to brag about.

    SUCC BB, OOOOOOOO forever and proud of it.


    1. Always posting out of the tread hoping no one will see it and respond?? You’re absolutely right, beating the Trojans should be an after thought, but then that WAS then and this coach can’t… so let me see, if you lose, you finish 4th?
      And that’s without even playing all your games because mick knows you’d have lost the makeup game too….hahaha ✌🏾✌️


  3. Remember Carol Folt graduated from UCSB- which puts no emphysis on athletics. Our notorious AD Mike Bone graduated from Kansas which puts all its emphysis on basketball, and Zero on football. No way things are going to change with those two running our football program because they don’t understand what the football program has brought to this university over the years. No one should give a dime to this university until changes are made. . USC, was a great place when it was a small private university unfortunately things have changed for the worse because of people like Caruso, Folt, and Bone who don’t belong here nor do they deserve the opportunity to be running the show.


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