Notes: It’s Feast Or Famine For USC Salaries

I reported recently that USC hired Jeff Martin as its director of scouting/player relations for $150,000.

Now I hear that USC got turned down by multiple candidates for its director of creative media position because it tried to low-ball everyone on the salary, which was an issue for people moving to Southern California.

It highlights the topsy turvy methods of the athletic dept. There are people who slave away at low salaries and USC balks at a coaches’ buyout, but then just throw a lot of money on other positions and hire outside firms with dubious credentials. It’s feast or famine depending on what job you have at USC.

Does Clay Helton need to make more than $4.5 million?

Does Andy Enfield need to make $3.5 million?

  • USC women’s basketball lost to Stanford, 92-53, in the Pac-12 Tournament. That 39-point loss comes a week after USC lost to UCLA, 93-51.
  • Today’s USC newsletter has an interesting story on a player departure.

15 thoughts on “Notes: It’s Feast Or Famine For USC Salaries

  1. They balk at Clay’s buyout because Swann structured it so that Clay gets 100% of his remaining contract. I guess Swann didn’t watch the online course on how to become an AD. Even with that, USC would still make money with increased football revenue if they hired the right HC.

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      1. “ ► Those fired for losing too many games — which almost always entitles coaches to additional guaranteed money from schools according to their contracts. This is the most common type of firing (17 since the start of the 2015 season), and the terms of divorce are usually set before marriage or renewed vows during contract negotiations, as they were with Ferentz’s guarantees.”

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      2. Yes, his extension was far too long, particularly with such a limited track record and without any competitive pressure to force such a move at that time.

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      3. “The thing that makes Clay’s contract so bad” ….is that it was offered to Clay Helton…..

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  2. They did it again. I wrote a post about why Helton can be fired and poof it didn’t post.
    They allow an obnoxious asshole or three to spew filth and cheap porn but censor a regular?
    Until this blog requires an account with verifiable email to post, I’m done

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    1. The only thing I can figure out is that there are certain words that trigger the censorship feature on the blog. And trust me they don’t make sense.
      It’s not just you

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      1. Investigation is over, not sure about any possible sanctions..although I doubt these coaches or team are facing any corrective actions.


    2. Rialto —You must not quit! There’s an easy way of getting around the censors! Just use “fuck you” as your middle name….and regularly refer to all your enemies [and friends] as assholes….

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  3. Apparently, the USC athletic dept. and President think money grows on trees. All live off the past glory of USC which is now over. I am sure in time due to the loss in revenue from football, decreased enrollment from the pandemic, and apathy from the USC big time boosters will force the changes we are all looking very soon because the surplus money will gradually decay due to all the waste, and incompetent management that has been hired.


  4. Mark Trakh makes 300K a year and his record shows that’s what he’s worth. During their last search, USC offered 400K tops and that eliminated several coaches. Any chance USC buys out Trakh’s contract?


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