USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Tahj Eaddy

His unlikely 3-point shot kind of reminded me of the time James Forrest stunned the Trojans in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. Not as big a game, obviously, but it had a bit of that staggering effect that can haunt fans.

Kevan Mobley

The fake Oregon State player created by USC social media got a mention on Fox Sports 1. Is that a compliment or a sign that it was an awful idea?

USC Football

A schedule without Oregon, Washington or any Friday night games is about as good as it gets. Is it too easy to garner College Football Playoff consideration?

Dana Altman

It must be fun to be a good coach in a mediocre conference.

1985 USC basketball team

They are still the only USC team to win a Pac-8, Pac-10 or Pac-12 title. I just remembered they were also the first USC since 1942 to sweep UCLA.

Glenn Smith drives to the basket as Wayne Carlander (left) and Charlie Simpson (right) look on.


USC Commitment To All Sports

The Pac-12 cross country championships were held this weekend. How did USC do? It didn’t field a team. In fact, USC didn’t field a cross country team at all this season for the first time since who knows when? It’s not surprising since Caryl Smith-Gilbert has always favored the sprints. But how did Mike Bohn allow USC to drop a sport for a year?

USC baseball

Lost to UCLA, 10-1, on Sunday and is now 3-6 on the season.

Mick Cronin

Was that defense UCLA was playing on Tahj Eaddy at the end? Hard to tell. The one thing you don’t want to do is give up a 3-pointer when you are up 2 points.

USC women’s tennis

Can someone tell me the circumstances where USC should lose to Washington State in tennis?

42 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. Check out this loser Donald J. Trump getting attacked by an eagle




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    2. trojan1967
      “what we need is a montage…”*
      Jonah, Taj, Amon-Ra St Brown….

      *Famously misappropriated by me from the “epic” movie Team America.

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  1. Dana Altman? Really? How about the quack athletic department, funded by Phil, and coddled by the Pac12…. didn’t have to make up all their games, including one in one of the toughest gyms to win this season (pauley), while the Trojans played 3 games/wk to complete all 20.

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    1. Nice reminder, Pudly76, but maybe “we” turn this around as motivation for the upcoming Pac 11 tournament?

      While I respect UCLA, Cal, etc–I truly despise U of Oregon, Portland (though I do have some solid investments around it), their fans, their subpar wines (compared to Napa and Monterey County), their ski mountains (compared to mine in Colorado), their BB court, their uniforms. Need I go on further?

      Time for Enfield and the boys to shine.
      Starts with bombing (presumably) Utah.

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      1. Dear Bourbon,
        I was really hoping somebody would nail Oregon for their wines today….

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      2. Yeah, Michael, nary a good vintage coming from the Columbia River Valley, IMHO.

        And remind yourself–when last we checked–the University of Oregon rated academically somewhere about #350 out of 788 schools in the USA.


    2. My friend PUDLY- we have no one to blame but ourselves for finishing in second place. Oregon played 7 games in 14 days and UCLA was never going to play on Monday. 1) loosing by 2 at Oregon State 2) loosing at Utah ( Evan took only 7 shots- WOW) 3) Most importantly being in first place & loosing the 6th straight time to Colorado was inexcusable. Dana deserves his praise for winning the PAC-12 with basically a 5 man team. I’m hoping that USC uses the motivation for loosing the conference crown to win PAC-12 tournament. What I am truly upset about is the lack of development of Isiah Mobley- I am truly concerned about the Ncaa tourney he becomes a liability for the lack of talent and at the “charity-stripe”. Two years in the program and he has demonstrated very little- THANKS Enfield!


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      1. Oregon sets the new standard of excellence by dodging responsibility under the guise of Covid 19 rules. Don’t wanna chance it? Call in sick! It is a sad testament to Lazy Scott Pac 12 commissioner that Oregon has managed the back door so well. Who says they don’t know how to milk an excuse in Oregon?

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  2. Baseball can’t catch the ball, just look at the box scores for their games, very poor defensively and the offense isn’t that great either, not a good combination.

    What do you expect for women’s tennis when you hire someone from Div 3 Williams College as your coach ?

    Never understood SC’s not wanting top distance runners, just one could make a difference at the NCAA’s, just ask 800 meter runner Brigita Langerholc from the 2001 NC team.

    Wayne Carlander from Ocean View High in Huntington Beach, guy was a tough dude and a good player for USC.

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  3. Reggie and Matt reminiscing about football games they played with big game bob ought to be entertaining….

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      1. “Bob, is your pre-bowl game speech, “what we’ve done during the regular season is more than enough —relax & roll over —you’ve earned it, men!”

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  4. Winner of the DECADE
    Larry Scott, who leveraged his mediocre (or worse) talent into a personal fortune.

    Utah and CU, who took their declining programs out of the Mountain West and Big 12(-4) respectively and have ridden on the coat-tails of the 4 classic
    Pac 8 winners (USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal). The boost to recruiting for CU and Utah has been extraordinary, helping them both ascend into mediocrity.

    Loser of the DECADE
    the entire Pac 10 (+2) conference who got nothing right from 2010 to 2020.
    I cannot think of a single accomplishment for the entire conference during the decade.
    BCS champ? No
    CFB playoff final four? Worst among the five.
    CFB CHAMP? Nope.
    NCAAM sweet 16? Maybe. Can’t remember. DGAF.

    Losing its relevance in the “Olympic sports.”
    Losing its relevance in Women’s sports.
    Losing its relevance in Baseball (OK–Oregon State had one good season).
    Losing TV channel.
    Declining FB and BB attendance.

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      1. It’s okay, Bourbon.
        Time to think about something happy! Didn’t Lynn Swann extend Clay Helton’s contract “between 2010 and 2020”?

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    1. …And what do you call Clay Helton and Andy Enfield?!


    2. Here’s some stats for you

      Last National Championship year per sport

      Football 2004
      Basketball NEVER
      Baseball 1998
      Men’s Track 1976
      Swimming 1977
      Tennis 2014
      Volleyball 1990
      Water Polo 2018
      Golf NEVER

      Basketball 1984
      Golf 2013
      Track 2018
      Soccer 2016
      Swimming 1997
      Tennis 1985
      Volleyball 2003
      Water Polo 2018
      Beach Volleyball 2017

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      1. It’s not right and it’s not fair to leave out the THREE California Championships won by Clay Helton …..


    3. I give Enfield more time.
      He’s recruiting well and put 4 good teams together the last 4 years.
      If Melton were allowed to play, we woulda’ had a fine season.

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    1. Matt came through Big Time in that game. A very good Utah team dared him to throw long…. and he did.

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      1. Bourbon — I tried to respond —but apparently the phrase “oneonone” coverage is one of the sites unmentionables….


  5. High school coach in georgia says saban and smart pay for talent…

    “ In a recorded conversation, Propst claimed the Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and Alabama head coach Nick Saban are paying players using wealthy donors and boosters.”

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      1. The NCAA won’t do a damn thing about these allegations. They’re scared shitless of Bama and the SEC. They’re afraid that the SEC will tell the NCAA to stick it up their ass and break away and the rest of the Power 5 conferences will follow, except for the Pac 12.

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      2. Maybe the NCAA is scared….but maybe some enterprising D. A. will take this and run with it…..

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      1. Maybe some in the northern California area—but not ours!
        #Never,Never,Never…..(feel free to add more ‘nevers’)…….


  6. I still say Stan Morrison was one of the better basketball coaches USC has ever had. He had the program right there with Gathers, Kimble, and Lewis, and then the big disaster which killed his chance to build a great program. That 1985 USC team which was the last team to win the conference was short on talent, but boy were they well coached by Morrison, and they always came to play each and ever week. Team basketball wins championships.

    Fight on Stan Morrison!


  7. Baseball is a tough game to Manage. U want to be involved in the pitching, infield and outfield, hitting and everywhere else. But if you don’t have coaches under you that you can’t trust to coach or aren’t ready for the PAC12 competition then you shouldn’t be at USC.


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