USC Notes: Hypocrisy Watch Edition

Fox has hired Bob Stoops to replace Urban Meyer for its college football pre-game shows.

USC has added C.J. Ah You, who played with the Rams, has been hired by USC as a quality control analyst. USC quarterback Matt Fink will not return next season, according to

  • Here are the odds from BetOnline for the Pac-12 basketball tournament:

Odds to win PAC-12 Tournament                                

Colorado                                  2/1

Oregon                                     2/1

USC                                         12/5

UCLA                                        11/2

Stanford                                   16/1

Arizona State                            28/1

Oregon State                            28/1

Utah                                         28/1

Washington State                      66/1

California                                  250/1

Washington                               250/1

  • There’s some irony with USC celebrating International Women’s Day (below) a couple days after it didn’t field a women’s cross country team for the first time since the 1970’s.

Of course, hypocrisy is nothing new, as football proves on a daily basis.

USC would normally be concerned about the impact of not fielding a cross country team would have on its Title IX numbers, but this year there are no Title IX sanctions because of COVID-19.

If you think this is because of COVID-19, USC only sent 5 runners to the 2017 Pac-12 championships but one dropped out and the Trojans didn’t even register a score. It’s been more of a lack of commitment to the sport than anything else.

29 thoughts on “USC Notes: Hypocrisy Watch Edition

  1. If you ain’t a sprinter, coach C doesn’t give a crap. Unfortunately if you want to To win championships on a regular basis, then You have to be strong in at least 2 of the 4 quadrants of track and field. Because eventually no matter how strong you are in one, you will start to cannibalize points from your self. Recruiting in only your specialty, is merely an ego driven endeavor. As if Graham Harrel only recruited QBs and receivers and Clay helton only had former texas QBs on staff… oh ya…. It is like saying “Hey look at me and what I can produce.” I have worked for a few of those bosses. They don’t win championships very often. Most of the time they couldn’t develop kids. I would score more points with my crew most of the time and at all levels with walk ons and rejects than they would (and the rest of the team) with the lion’s share of the scholarship money. But it is their team and they can do what they want with the money. I have had many eventual multi time national champs ready to sign for even a half scholarship with no ability to offer any money when the rubber met the road.

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  2. No way am I gonna stand by and let anybody call Carol Folt a hypocrite. Maybe if Scott would do his homework he’d see that Carol sent out a very lovely text message to all the USC women cross country runners telling them, “maybe you can’t run the course this year —or ever again— but you’re always welcome to walk the path of righteousness with me…”

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  3. btw — Just because UCLA lost a heartbreaker this weekend is no reason to leave them out of the AP Top 25. I would have thought the bruin coach’s post game presser would have launched UCLA into the Top Ten….at least…

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  4. Scott still seems hurt by the basketball victory. Owns still hurting. #couldtheybesame? By the way Cronin melted down in presser after the game.

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    1. Scott & Owns “the same”? Please. As everyone knows, my friend Owns lives in a 11 bedroom mansion in Westwood….. whereas Scott lives in a spacious chateau in southern France (with a 700 acre vineyard)…….

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      1. The last shot we have of Scott [at a USC basketball game] shows him in a Gucci long sleeve white shirt —- with his arm around someone who looks a lot like Julia Roberts……

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      2. Mansion by UCLA standards is a 1 bedroom condo in Duarte. So that works. Scott could not find France on a map. Although I’m sure he’s living in a sweet basement of his mom’s chateau in Chatsworth.

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      3. I’ve seen BruinRob ‘s picture on his DateMeLA profile, and trust me, he’s no Wolfman.


    2. Ricki, kindly allow me to speak for myself. I’m over UCLA’s last second loss.

      But Andyain’twinning has had the the helm of the bozo BB program for 8 years. SUCC’s net results: 1 NCAA tournament win and zero Pac-12 titles.

      If you’re happy, I’m happy.

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    3. Seems someone said Owns would crow or eat crow, to which he muttered something about eating steak.
      Maybe he chocked on the steak the way us Trojans choked when Oregon COVID-19’d into the league championship for two men’s sports.

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  5. Well…..Fink just gave Helton the middle finger so its either Slovis with his strange passes or a freshman. Yep….sounds like a playoff team to me.

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      1. I agree. Matt was a great athlete — with very little touch on the intermediate stuff. Every defensive coordinator in the Pac 12 got the picture (I don’t include Iowa’s DC — cuz Matt was thrown into the Holiday Bowl without any reps in practice).
        I really worry about what happens if Slovis is out for 2 or 3 games due to lack of protection from a unit under a new coach [as well as Kedon adjusting to the route running of a practically all new cast of starters]. We have to acknowledge it ain’t gonna be easy for Slovis without Amon and Vaughns out there……

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    1. We might just have to rely on Drake….running through bruin tackles…. “he’s at the 20….. the 15, ten, five, touchdown!”

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      1. Can’t remember if he broke tackles or six on that catch and run. All I remember is bruin defenders falling down in his wake as he strode into the end zone.

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      2. Again there was great gnashing of bruin teeth….and lamentations from their women….

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      3. If BruinRob was suited up for the Bruins that night, London would’ve been stopped in his tracks.


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