USC Morning Buzz: Coaches’ Giddy About QB Situation

I’m sure the company line will be that USC coaches are happy for backup QB Matt Fink, who is getting his master’s degree and moving on instead of returning this season.

But the truth is the coaching staff has been loudly banging a drum in certain quarters about the potential of incoming freshman Jaxson Dart and no doubt will want to get as many reps as possible for him and incoming freshman Miller Moss.

The way true freshmen quarterbacks are playing immediately, there was no guarantee Fink would be the backup, especially with the offensive coaches’ chatter regarding Dart.

Fink is probably eager to begin a new chapter in his life. I would have liked to see him transfer to another school and see what would happen if he actually started for a season.

  • ESPN analyst Joe Lunardi currently lists USC as a No. 6-seed in the NCAA Tournament.
  • Former USC commit Puka Nacua, who eventually signed with Washington, has transferred to BYU. That means the wide receiver will face USC on Nov. 27.

24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Coaches’ Giddy About QB Situation

  1. Instead of being giddy about a player leaving school without being taught anything, the coaches should be ashamed. The post Pete Carroll era has ruined another canvas.
    It seems the the brain trust at SC would rather have a kid quit than admit they didn’t know how to teach him. Looking back on the past six seasons, I wonder if any potential star has actually been developed. The head bumble thinks he knows football based on his own college experience, but he has shown that the joke was him and on him.
    Fink came to SC like a premium piece of marble, but the sculptor used dad’s screwdriver instead of chisels. They are giddy alright because they screwed up the process and want to forget he existed.

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    1. Don’t mean to be confrontational, but do you realize that alabama-georgia-florida-ohio st, and on and on have QBs come and go and never see the field. Or if they do it’s at another school.
      The suckeyes had the kid from Vegas (5*) and Joe Burrow and both transferred out so the georgia qb transfer could play.
      I don’t think many suspected or expected Matt to develop into more than he is, a journeyman backup and great teammate.

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    2. This is exactly why I question the decision making of these highly rated recruits that have recently signed with USC. If these kids are seriously considering being developed into a future player, USC is not the place.

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    3. Matt was not a highly rated QB out of HS. USC was by far his best offer. He chose the best school that provided a scholly and he got an MA degree at the end of the day. When he did get some reps, he didn’t look like a guy who was going to be a Power 5 starting QB.

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      1. Right on the money, 67. Matt sure looked good the first time he took off from the pocket and ran the sideline for a touchdown —- but you have to wonder what Helton saw in his passing game. Back in the day where film of practice appeared online it was obvious to anybody who has ever thrown a football that Matt lacked the skillset to be a first rate passer. He was a good leader, he was a very good athlete —but he couldn’t get the ball into a tight window.
        What was Helton thinking? Helton was himself a quarterback —and yet he recruited a backup who couldn’t really run a pass first offense. I don’t get it.

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      2. MG…Guess, we gotta look at “the Tape” to see what kind of QB Helton was. If he was as good of a QB as he is a coach, then that should answer your question.


  2. So per Scott Wolf, we’re supposed to be upset that the coaches are excited about a new talented qb? Where’s the logic in that? Slovis will eventually get hurt because the line stinks. I’d rather take my chances with Dart or Moss than Fink.

    Fink had his moment against Utah (thanks to Michael Pittman and Utah’s defensive coaches being idiots), but to pretend like he was talented enough to play QB at the Power 5 level is ridiculous.

    He made the right choice by moving on.

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    1. Not like he left empty handed, his education saved him a pretty penny and opened quite a few doors for him.
      And you’re right, Pittman going up over those little DBs will always stick in my memory as well.

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  3. So Helton says Slovis is now “healed” from injury. Hmmmm. That must mean he played injured last year. Sure looked like it too. Slovis should have been held out for rehab purposes last year or should have held himself out. If I were Slovis I would consider taking this year off. But, no, he is a Heisman Candidate or something and Helton’s new pet.

    I like Mo Hasan. They should play him. Can run and throw.

    And Dart can throw darts. And Moss is a game boss.

    All hail Matt Fink for winning a big one last year against Utah.

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    1. Every time I watched Pepe search an empty room for his paramour, singing “I am looking somewhere for you” in that phony French accent, I said to myself, “Damn! Another rapist has just been groomed by Chuck Jones and those demons at Warner Brothers!”

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      1. I don’t blame cancel culture one iota. I blame the gutless worms at the corporate level for caving in to these assholes. Imagine, taking marching orders from some fat ass sitting in their mom’s house with mustard all over their shirt.

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      2. No! Don’t say that! The executives of our largest companies do what they do cuz they CARE SO MUCH about people. What we are seeing today is the deep moral center of corporate America…..


  4. Re: Matt Fink
    A good QB Coach and Head Coach would have converted Matt Fink to a tight end. He was a big/fast athlete who probably could have put on that extra weight, and become more of a factor as a tight end. Again, if we only had a coaching staff that could develop players at the right positions to fit their skill set.

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    1. ..Or Matt could have stayed at the same weight and played tennis…..


  5. It is great that Matt is moving on, he is a great guy, but not the future of the team. Dart and Moss have great potential, I am excited to hear about the Spring practice competition and then Fall practice will be even better.


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