Questionable USC Graphic Of The Day

Did USC really create this graphic? It’s yet another comparison to Kobe Bryant. Why? It seems tasteless, which is par for the course for USC social media.
  • Former USC women’s volleyball coach Mick Haley did commentary on today’s Baylor-Texas State match on ESPN+.

6 thoughts on “Questionable USC Graphic Of The Day

  1. It’s not a Kobe comparison, it’s kids inspired by Kobe. It’s kids who want to adopt his mindset and hope to honor the impact he had. The blogger is out of touch on this one.

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    1. I’ll buy that explanation, if you throw in a ticket to a home game. Rumor (that I just made up) has Arco gas stations in Pasadena giving a free home game ticket for UCLA football with any fill up of 10 gallons or more. But I haven’t seen Owns around to verify this.
      Of course you could just buy the home game tickets on eBay if you drive an electric car like a eco friendly Bruin.


      1. Damn RT, you trying to make me feel a like Little Petey Pom-Pom did after SUCC lost to Stanford, a 41 point dog, at the crumbling mausoleum?


      2. I used to buy my gas at the Arco stations in Pasadena, but i have a little gas station on Washington one block east of Lake St. On the south side. It is an independent shop.


  2. Why does a UCLA guy always post on a USC blog? Perhaps, the UCLA degree has led to unemployment, frustration and bitterness towards the university over in Westwood he might of graduated from.. I guess USC is like the beautiful girl that always told him no.


    1. Wolf trying to start some smoke hoping it will lead to some fire as usual.

      Man this blogsite should be called “USC….I’ll do anything but respect it”


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