UCLA’s Sideline Just Got A Lot Noisier

UCLA has hired Keith Belton as its director of football performance (strength coach).

You remember Belton?

He was the guy Steve Sarkisian made jump around on the sideline every game and serve as head cheerleader.

Later this week, I’ll have a tidbit on USC’s new strength coach.

Today’s USC newsletter has a scoop on Pro Day.

10 thoughts on “UCLA’s Sideline Just Got A Lot Noisier

    1. Chip is currently 175 pounds with a 12 pack. Also he’s order the trophy room enlarged at UCLA. They are moving it from broom closet to full 100 SF room. #crystalballiscoming



    College. Player total. NFL salary/cap space

    Alabama 68 $871,475,402
    Louisiana State 54 $852,196,142
    Ohio State 59 $766,786,339
    Georgia 48 $766,758,667
    California 27 $746,990,419
    Michigan 41 $621,573,140
    Miami (FL) 38 $574,203,888
    Florida 48 $497,244,956
    Oklahoma 35 $492,059,408
    South Carolina 30 $486,719,777
    Texas A&M 31 $485,965,434
    Florida State 35 $478,928,206
    Pittsburgh 23 $462,625,274
    Notre Dame 43 $459,478,580
    Clemson 33 $450,546,972
    Southern California 32 $429,421,558


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    1. So what..? Are you bragging that the Rams were so dumb as to ignore what the rest of us knew having watch goff play in the pac…He should never have been a 1st round pick, nor should they have extended him.

      Good night 🤯


  2. Wolf you cover the hiring at another school. You also insult the individual hired.
    Well instead of going out your way to insult two schools and two men how about finding a moment to ask a coach, a player, an alumn about the USC Basketball team’s season so far and the awards handed out. Or………….I don’t know if this is even important for conference or team in a conference but how about asking someone within the current Basketball program about the upcoming Pac 12 Basketball Tournament?
    A quote, an interview (cough!/laugh!cough!).

    Now Newsletter.

    News…..let’s review.

    NEWS. /n(y)o͞oz/


    newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.

    “I’ve got some good news for you”

    a broadcast or published report of news.

    plural noun: the news

    If you cover the Newsletter like you do the Basketball team then you are not being honest by misleading USC followers calling it a Newsletter. Call it a diary but not a Newsletter. It’ll supposed to be about the USC Pro Day but it’ll end with you making a big insult on something else like USC losing in the Pac-12 Tournament or them winning because of an injury to the opponent.
    Am I in the ballpark?
    Please invite someone to debate you from another Trojan blog or site.

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