USC Morning Buzz: Seven Baseball Players Suspended

USC has won just three of its first nine baseball games.

Maybe that’s because seven players are in the midst of serving a six-week suspension, according to sources.

The players were suspended for visiting a Southern California casino, which broke the COVID-19 protocols set in place by the athletic dept. Most of the suspended players were pitchers, a source said. The suspension is supposed to last about two more weeks.

USC lost to UCLA, 10-1, on Sunday and even dropped 2 of 3 games to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo earlier in the season.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Seven Baseball Players Suspended

    1. This is an oldie, but a goodie. What a nutjob this republi-clown is





    2. karma,
      I take it that last sentence refers to President Folt…
      [Can you imagine what a giant pussy a man would have to be to serve as her Athletic Director]?


      1. Yes, karma, Trojandude207 did nail it ….. but it doesn’t do any good. Bohn is the one who needs to stand up to this goof.


  1. How you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm they’ve seen the cards play?
    Or was it Paris? I don’t know it was before my time. However, I have visited several native casinos lately and can honestly say they are serious about Covid restrictions. Probably safer there than a huge family gathering. If you have a fever you don’t get in. How many scan aunti Grezelda before letting her in. Actually I would rail about treating adults like adults but others can sing that tune

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    1. It’s not as if the Trojans were expected to do big things this year anyway, so no big loss.. they were going to suck with or without those Bozo’s.

      Those clowns that were suspended probably couldn’t start for Redondo High or Mira Costa. Seriously.



      1. Well, we know you never played any sports, unless circle jerking is a sport where you come from.


    2. True. They also only allow masks and no other form of face covering and if you have on something other than a mask the casino will allow u in if you wear the mask they provide. So while I don’t think the players made the right choice I will agree that the Casinos are doing a good job handling covid.


  2. I posted about this on Sunday. From what I was told by a friend of mine who’s close to the situation, she originally wanted these players to be suspended for the entire season. I’m sure that if it was the local chapter of BLM or a LGBTQRSTUV group nothing would’ve been done. But since they’re male athletes, she throws the book at them. Folt is like most woke libtards, an out of control dictator who, like a cancer, is slowly eating away the fiber of the university.

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      1. One of the few times that USC looks outside of its family for a major hire, and look what they get. She failed at UNC. Couldn’t they have hired someone who had a successful track record? And who wasn’t so agenda-driven by their own preferences?

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    1. Knew this a long time ago, Pudly76.

      If one was a Chicago Cubs or Boston Red Sox fan for decades, they ruled their lives with hope.

      Sports fans relish in the thrill of victory (and share the victory with others) and share in the agony of defeat.

      Sports are a great diversion from lifes drudgery.

      The most miserable people I occasionally interact with are the politically motivated Dems and Repubs who only root for a feckless politician to hopefully win an election for “their team.”

      I gave up on politics in the Clinton years. Never been happier, myself.
      Join the team.

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  3. God forbid a pitcher might do something out of the ordinary. Six week suspensions are excessive. I always liked Danny Henley for this job. People been telling me how good this coach is, I don’t see it.

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      1. I know–“Wrong sport”–Michael, but JR was famous for telling us,
        “Payback’s a bitch.” (the only swear word I heard him utter).
        The Boys need some payback vs Utah.

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      2. I’ll go even further, Bourbon —- I’ll be worried about what Fate has in store for this team if they don’t beat Utah by at least 10 points……


    1. Pudly that’s a scary stat because Evan Mobley being a true freshman who has an all around game Offensively but not physically built to dominate yet “needing to bulk up” from what some say regarding him being a top pick but he’s still tough as is and having his way inside and not like a Shaq effect that ONLY dunked, Mobley has been able to spread the court with his shooting being effective and he’s his offense inside and outside the paint living up to the expectations. Imagine his 3rd season in the NBA with a more NBA body and strength. He just needs a more aggressive approach but that will come. He’s on his way. Hopefully he plays more determined and takes his game up in the tournaments if he does that we should make a splash and if team’s decide to focus they’re tournament hopes on throwing double teams at him it’ll open the offense up for SC. He’s a weapon.

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      1. He’s so thin still, it really has an affect on his strength inside. Question is, will he actually put enough weight on in the next three years to become effective inside at the next level, or will the muscled up guys be able to push him around (it is how Shaq made his living) and dominate him under the basket…. That said, his footwork, balance, and touch on his shots are absolutely great for a big guy and his even temperament keeps his head into most games. I’d like to see more aggression, especially on offense tho..

        Good stuff Sam, thanks


      2. The scouts say he shouldn’t have a problem getting up in size. With the NBA being an offensive game more than ever he won’t be too overwhelmed by any big men I hope.

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