USC Picture Of The Night

Continuing our look at the 1996 Rose Bowl, here is Keyshawn Johnson holding the Rose Bowl Trophy aloft to the fans after the game.

7 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

    1. If you notice, 67, over the years Scott’s nostalgia photos mainly commemorate VICTORY in BIG GAMES— which puts Helton on the wrong side of Scott.

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      1. Helton is the gaping mouth poster boy. He applied for the scarecrow in a local production of Oz, but he couldn’t dance. However, when he leaves, “ding dong the witch is dead” will be played by the TMB instead of fight on for first downs

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    1. Statement from President Carol Folt: “I heartily agree, trojnfn4! That photo is nothing but a painful reminder of a time when decadent, scantily garbed Roman male citizens screamed for the blood of muscular gladiators groveling in their tight, sweaty loincloths in the Coliseum sand—on second thought, maybe we should let that photo stay up for a few more days before it’s removed ….”

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