Some Thoughts On USC Awards Sweep

Some thoughts on today’s Pac-12 Awards:

It was a Tour de Force for USC, sweeping all the awards.

I certainly did not expect that. If you told me Evan Mobley might win 1-2 of the awards, I would not be surprised. But all three was a surprise.

Of the three awards, I wasn’t expecting Mobley to win the Pac-12 Player of the Year after his finish: He had 11, 13, 11, 10 and 13 points in his final five games.

Oregon’s Chris Duarte was the AP’s Pac-12 Player of the Year and Colorado guard McKinley Wright also got a lot of buzz for the award.

As for Coach of the Year, Dana Altman has won it three times so I can see the coaches giving it to Andy Enfield. My thoughts are the same on Enfield. He’s won two NCAA Tournament games at USC and one of those was a play-in game. He can change that this season. And he should when he has the Pac-12 Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.

He also won quite a few games this season when the opponent was at far less than full strength. But I won’t dwell on that.

31 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On USC Awards Sweep

  1. Nice way to set up your typical attack piece Snarky One. Now, if USC doesn’t win the tourney, you can continue with your typical, tired MO. Who knows, you probably can lead with “way to go Enfield.”

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  2. 21-7 is good. And Mobley was often doubled because of limited offensive production outside of Eaddy. None of us are big Enfield fans, but he did well.

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    1. The most MVP(M.V. Person) on the bozo BB team is the Mobley’s Ta-Ta.

      Without the senior Mobley, Andyain’twinning would be SUCC’ing on his usual hind titty BB season.

      JW won 10 BB NC’s w/o once employing a recruit’s parent as an Asst. BB Coach.


      1. Owns, really? You know what my response is to this already.

        “UCLA should have lost about 8 national championships and been on probation for about 100 years” – Bill Walton

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      2. About 760 days since UCLA MBB or CFB has beaten USC, JO.
        A little humility is in order.

        That said, I was impressed that the Bruins MBB had several players on the “All Star” team. Shaping up to be a good 2022 for MBB at the Pauley.

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    2. Well said 67- I would add though being ardent Usc basketball fans I cannot endorse Enfield for glory is 1) lack of development in Isiah Mobley. 2) only getting the player of the year 7 shot attempts at Utah- end result ( 2nd Place) He can prove me wrong by winning the PAC-12 Tournament & an elite 8 finish in the NCAA tournament.

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      1. Agree with you Bobby. Mobley won how many games this
        regular season? It was Eaddy and Peterson who saved the
        day on many occasions . Enfield is clueless. He had no in-
        bounds play at the end vs. fucla. It was pure luck that the
        shot fell through the net as Taj was falling backwards. He
        used up all the timeouts so Anderson was panicked trying
        to get the ball inbound s.

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      2. Sweet 16 would be epic.
        Last time I checked, if USC wins round one in the NCAA tourney, we face a Bob Huggins coached West Virginia team. Uh oh.

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  3. One of those tournaments games Wolf credits Andyain’twinning winning is a 1st rd. NIT game. He lost the 2nd NIT game 79 – 75 at home to, you guessed it, Western Kentucky.

    Let’s give Andyain’twinning credit where credit is due.


  4. Memo to: ’67

    The Bruin players that won 10 NCAA BB NC’s were recruited by JW, not, repeat, not Sam Gilbert. Furthermore, Gilbert was never employed by UCLA in capacity or a member of the UCLA BB team.

    Factually ’67, Gilbert was just a heavy UCLA donor.

    And if there one thing bozo U knows, it’s loud, red-faced, alcoholic, fat cat athletic program donors.

    Chances are had not Andyain’twinning employed the senior Mobley, neither Mobley players would have signed with bozo U BB – clearly an auld quid pro quo SUCC recruitment deal!

    Therefore, the senior Mobley is the M. V. Person on the bozo U BB team.


    1. My dear friend Owns —OF COURSE Sam wasn’t “employed” by UCLA…… that would make it into a Tonya Harding movie…..

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  5. Been following USC basketball since 1965.
    This years team is the best I’ve seen.
    Pac12 tournament plus the NCAA tournament will
    Show us just how good this team is.
    Sta y high on this team, it’s a good one.

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      1. His 24-2 team (2 losses to UCLA) would take out ANY of Andy’s teams —but other than that……


    1. Great defense.
      Unselfish ball movement.
      Very good rebounding.
      Pretty Good 2 point shooters
      A few (streaky) decent 3 point shooters.

      Lousy Assist to Turnover ratio.
      Lousy FT shooting.

      The trajectory over the past 4 years is strongly upward for the program.
      Next year could be a bit tough.


  6. You are correct Wooden recruited the great players at UCLA, but GILBERT PAID THEM TO COME. I use to see Henry Bibby,Steve Patterson, Sydney Wicks, Curtis Rowe, Larry Farmer, and many other player driving brand new Mercedes vehicles when I use to play pick-up games in the summer at Pauley Pavilion. Where did the money come from part time summer jobs for the players or better yet what time of salary was Gilbert paying them.

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    1. Remind us Mr. D, what were O.J., Marcus Allen, Charles White et al driving. I’m sure those gentleman took a bus or walked to their destinations.

      The difference between UCLA and SUCC: SUCC managed to get caught and then exacerbate the problem by mooning the NCAA.

      And Mr. D why were you at UCLA participating in summer pickup BB games? Is the Galen Barn locked up during the summer to recoat the court asphalt?


      1. I was on campus when Marcus and Charles were routinely destroying the Bruins LB’s and DB’s. Charles drove a somewhat low-riding American made car. Never saw what Marcus drove. On the 1982 and 1983 teams, if any had a car it was a clapped out POS. Our starting WR from Compton drove a Nishiki 10 speed.


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