USC 91, Utah 85 (Double OT)

The best thing that can be said is USC survived Thursday night’s victory over Utah.

Evan Mobley rescued the Trojans with 26 points and nine rebounds while four Utah players fouled out.

USC did not have field goal in final 3:23 of regulation while Utah made 5 of 7 field goals during that stretch.

But the Utes never could get the lead and ran out of players. Isaiah White had 14 points while Tahj Eaddy and Drew Peterson each had 13 points.

USC plays the winner of Colorado-Cal on Friday.

23 thoughts on “USC 91, Utah 85 (Double OT)

    1. I read a tweet a few minutes ago from a Ucla reporter/student that this has been the worst combined 4 year stretch for Ucla Football and Ucla Basketball in the history of the school.

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      1. Not only that, at the same time they have managed to go in the red by about $20 million and managed to lose Under Armour’s $280 million sponsorship deal.

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      2. That “historic” Under Armour deal was irrelevant with the impact it made and Ucla basketball can finally put on Nike and wear Jordan Brand but it’ll never fit them. Phil Knight and Michael Jordan will regret the contract.


      3. Courtesy of AD, Dan “Champagne” Guerrero. UCLA plucked this loser from UC Irvine, a Water Polo Univ., and he cluelessly flunked big boy FB and BB.

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      4. I think he came from UC Riverside but I could be wrong and Ucla should’ve seen that Kelly’s style of football was lightning in a bottle during his Oregon days only now that cfb was able to adjust to that when so many teams ran similar offensive playbooks. But I thought Chip was an average recruiter before and he still doesn’t bring in big name kids. He’s on his way out as you know.

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      5. I was making a lame joke, Sam..

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      6. Sam Bam,

        The reporter/student is wrong. Tell him to look from 1929 until the 40’s, ugly got whacked and fed to the fish every year by SC in basketball, football, and baseball. .


      7. It was a tweeted comment and I forget the guys name but he didn’t do his homework I take it.


    1. Enfield needs a win over the Buffs. The team obviously needs the victory but Enfield needs to show he can counter Tad Boyle coming off a bad loss in Boulder and being named COY.

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    2. Solid garbage time team. Lost twice to Colorado and will get
      blasted by them again. Enfield stinks period. Next year will be
      his last after finishing in the basement w/o Evan Mobley gone.
      Utah had played the night prior in a high scoring affair so a lot
      of energy used. No altitude for an excuse, a .500 team at best
      and USC needs 2 OT’s for the win. Guarino you are a joke!


  1. Tournament scheduling is screwed up. Trojans play double OT, and now Colorado-Cal will end close to midnight mountain time. Will it be a quality game less than 24 hours later? Mobley looked great. Hope he does it again tomorrow.

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