USC-Utah Game Time

We are going to Double OT: USC 80, Utah 80.

We are going to OT. USC 71, Utah 71.

HALFTIME: USC 34, Utah 29.

Utah went at least six minutes without a field goal and USC had a 13-2 run in the first half.

Isaiah White led USC with nine points and four rebounds. Isaiah Mobley had 7 points and 3 reobounds. The Trojans were an impressive 6-6 from the free-throw line.

Evan Mobley, who had two fouls, played only 7 minutes and had 2 points and no rebounds.

UCLA just lost in OT to Oregon State, 83-79, and now it’s time for USC to play Utah.

You can post comments on the game here.

The game will start around 6 p.m. and not 5:30 p.m. because the UCLA-Oregon State game ran long.

24 thoughts on “USC-Utah Game Time

  1. As I said, UCLA should decline a tournament bid. But now after the loss to Oregon St., that decision won’t be necessary – an NCAA tournament invitation won’t be extended – and righty so.

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    1. Cronin is not the guy, he’s just a guy. Plus there isn’t any real talent on the roster, just a bunch of 3rd option guys. Sounds like there are some real high recruits coming, but none of the current guys are leaving. Owns, you’re going to run this back next year.


  2. Sure discuss the game…that idiot Larry Scott didn’t do a Pac 12 network deal with DirecTV, so all many of us can do is check the box score every once in a while.

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      1. We’re 2 points ahead with a little over a minute to go. This shouldn’t be this close….

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      2. Naw…they sucked the whole year. We only sucked a bit of the year, including the last 3 minutes of regulation tonight.

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      1. 2nd overtime. This is a good team. But if this is the best Andy can do …..


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