Did You Watch The USC-Kentucky Rewind?

If you get a chance, I recommend watching the 2001 Sweet 16 USC-Kentucky game with former players Sam Clancy, David Blu (Bluthenthal), Brandon Granville and Jeff Trepagnier (below).

The players are entertaining and the game brings back a lot of memories. In the first few minutes, Granville says, “(we) ended up staying in the Ritz-Carlton after that whole fiasco with Coach Bibby.”

So here’s what happened: After winning it first two games, USC took a bus from New York to Philadelphia for the Sweet 16. When it arrived at the hotel, Bibby was in a bad mood (not unusual) and complained about having to do a live ESPN interview as soon as he arrived.

The hotel had a circular design with a small number of rooms on each floor and only two elevators. Bibby was even more furious when he saw that because he didn’t like how long it took to wait for an elevator. So within a couple hours, USC left the NCAA-provided hotel and ended up at a more conventionally designed hotel.

It was important because USC arrived in Philadelphia on Monday and didn’t leave until the following Sunday.

Anyways, enjoy the game!


12 thoughts on “Did You Watch The USC-Kentucky Rewind?

    1. Serious injuries –but people do come back from spinal injuries such as this… perhaps not 100% but, with hard work, they make great strides….

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    2. Definitely. A young kid one town over was sledding and accidentally went into the street and lost his life after he was hit by a car the other day.
      I was seriously nervous driving in the rain last week but luckily made it home. The weather was harsh this last two weeks

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