USC Notes: Good And Bad NCAA Tournament Takes

USC basketball is 16-13 against the spread this season, which is the 12th-worst mark of teams in the NCAA Tournament.

In USC’s favor, Kansas is only 14-12-1 vs. the spread and ESPN guru Joe Lunardi likes the Trojans to make the Elite Eight and beating Oregon again.

  • Did you see former USC WR Josh Imatorbhebhe had a vertical leap of 46.5 inches. It’s believed to be one of the best marks ever for a vertical leap by an NFL prospect.

23 thoughts on “USC Notes: Good And Bad NCAA Tournament Takes

  1. Josh also had one of the best ever leaps at the Nike Open during his senior year in high school, put up one of the highest all around scores ever, if my memory serves me right.

    Good for him.

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      1. Not a good look when SC recruits a kid from Georgia and he ask about the Imatorbhebhe Brothers situation. Helton will BS his way out of the subject.

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    1. Looks like the players are not only practicing free throws …but coaching themselves on free throws…. and keeping their own free throw stats….

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      1. Andy: “How did you do on Free Throws?
        PlayersOneThroughTen: “Ten outta ten, coach.”
        Andy: “Okay!”

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  2. In an NCAA tournament game which are often very close free throws are the difference between winning and losing. Evan Mobley has a sweet stroke from the line the others are very shaky at best. The “others” should be shooting at least 100 a day at the end of practice when the legs are tired with loud crowd noise playing in the background.

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      1. Perhaps they’ll pipe in questions for mick if the ruins have a turnout like they did in 2019…

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      2. I guess you guys already heard about how they’re gonna pipe in the “I Love Lucy” laugh track for the UCLA game.

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      3. Actually the lack of fans plays right into the sow game plan, they’ve gotten used to it..

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      4. 178 fans just aren’t enough to get the team really jacked up…..UCLA Football needs the “Married…With Children” laugh track for 2021….. at full volume when Chip comes running out of the tunnel in his nylon t-shirt, melons bobbling….

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      5. I guess the term “press conference” means something different at UCLA…..

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      6. Every time I wrote that you can get a Ucla football game ticket with $100.00 purchase at Ralph’s, you act like you don’t believe me. But I have heard that they are giving a pair away this year for $50.00 purchase. Imagine that! It’s like two steaks and a loaf of bread, boom you have seats in the Rose Bowl.

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