The LSU Hype Video Guys Have Officially Left

Remember the big deal USC made when it hired LSU’s two hype video guys — Jacob Brown and Will Stout?

Well, Stout quit today so that means neither lasted a year. Brown left last fall.

If you don’t care, then ask yourself why did the USC administration make such a huge deal?

It really turned out to be a big dud of a transaction. The video guys felt stifled by the layers of employees stocked above them that micro-managed their jobs. Coach Bohn and Co. didn’t seem to have much a plan either except, “let’s hire a bunch of young people!”

This is why it makes little sense to throw a celebration when you have no idea of people are going to work out.

22 thoughts on “The LSU Hype Video Guys Have Officially Left

  1. Everything that permeates football has a disease called “Heltonism “ it’s a rare disease whereby intelligent men & women become morons and soon enough they become zombies. Folt & Bohn we’re infected by receiving game balls after UCLA. Folt’s zombieism has manifested into becoming the wicked witch of the west. I’m on the path to righteousness and my studies on this path dictate that until there’s a change of head coach that my righteousness is to discard football entirely. Thanks Enfield!

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    1. LMFAO!

      Denny’s waitress quits and tells two ignorant anti-masker trumplicans to go fuck themselves…




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    1. Not many people know this but Kendall received an inspirational speech from a Mike Bohn moments prior to the race….

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  2. The problem is that SC has to try so hard to build an organization around Helton to divert from the fact that he is still the HC. There have been big improvements in many areas, like recruiting and the defensive coaching staff, but having a coach whose authority is paper-thin just leads to trouble.

    I cant see how this coaching staff can possibly stay together for longer than one more year. Even if it goes 10-2. Orlando just needs to have a top 20 defensive unit to re-build his resume and then he can leave, maybe he stays one more year and then tries for a HC job himself. Harrell’s shining star is getting tarnished and unless he figures out a better offensive plan, the team will have offensive droughts again this year that show how USC cant even win with superior talent.

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      1. That’s what brings back. The people here and there own opinions but information they give is accidentally better than the blogger.


      2. To finish my comment. Accidentally as in normal conversation giving more inside 411 without trying to outdue the blogger. That’s how much he doesn’t cover SC. He covers USC to shine a flashlight with negative thoughts. He can be unbiased without being the cop calling neighbor when he knows we just bought beer.


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