Morning Buzz: Is USC A Final Four Team In Your Bracket?


We have a narrative emerging already that USC is a Final Four darkhorse. Andy Katz, the former ESPN reporter, picked USC as one of his five candidates (above). CBS Sports also has an analyst pick USC as the “Final Four team no one picked right.”

Is this because USC is perceived to have a nice draw with a Wichita State/Drake first-round matchup and second-round opponent Kansas facing COVID-19 issues?

Or are the experts impressed with the Trojans? Do they feel Andy Enfield will repeat his Sweet 16 run from Florida Gulf Coast? An in-form Evan Mobley will lead the Trojans to the Final Four?

It’s one of those things where you either end up looking really, really smart or really, really . . . well, you know.

  • Today’s USC newsletter looks at even more job churning in the athletic dept.

36 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Is USC A Final Four Team In Your Bracket?

  1. here he goes with the BS…
    win or lose all SC games will be against cream puffs and or political flu victims…wichita st has over the last dozen yrs made the final 4’s,the elite 8’s ,sweet 16’s every time, and from mid to low ranked positions…
    Kansas is a perennial power and has a great coach and bench, Iowa can beat anybody ,anywhere at any time, and the Zags? SC will need max defense effort and hot shooting and great rebounding + great coaching…so 100 to 1 odds seem appropriate…scotts appraisal is bogus, these are as tough a draw for SC as any…can they do it? SURE, if there are almost zero mistakes.

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    1. “Thanks Enfield” line from Scott is all you need to know about his attempt at reporting. Scott only interest in USC is its faults and old pictures of cheerleaders.

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    2. “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television”

      – Richard M. Nixon






  2. I don’t know why everyone is always down on our coaches. Andy is fine example of a premium coach. He’s been head coach at two fabulous institutions and an assistant coach in the NBA. What more could you ask of a guy who has been on campus for 7 short years?
    Being honest I wonder if anyone reads resumes’ anymore.
    This coach took his team to the sweet 16 in 2013, which was enough to qualify him as a coach at USC. Kinda like USC, FGCU has no football team, so he already knew what it was like to play second fiddle in the athletic department.
    The man has skills, such as getting that once in a career player, who will lead the team and the league before turning pro. Apparently our current star makes Andy a twice in a career winner. So let’s get behind him and cover his backside like his resume’ never will.

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  3. Could Clown U make it to the Final Four: It’s not impossible, but exceedingly improbable.

    Could they win the NC: Impossible!

    One or two games and done makes more sense.

    Thanks Enfield!

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      1. Where can I sign up for the winning 2 games? That would make Scott miserable. He is already writing the excuse for winning columns to soften the landing for him if they do win 2 games. #soyoursayingthere’sachance

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    1. Will Cronin can get a first round win?
      A win over Michigan State won’t count though because play-in games aren’t tournament games. Your words not mine.
      Hey Owns who would you take for the final starting spot on the Dodgers rotation?

      Openin Day Starter- Kershaw
      2. Buehler
      3. Bauer
      4. Price
      5.???????Dustin May, Julio Urias, or Tony Gonsolin????????

      My opinion is who knows what Price is gonna give us. He may not be as effective as he used to, but I would go with Dustin May as the 5th guy. And use Urias and Gonsolin as hybrid starting/relievers.
      Or shop Price around for a trade. Lotta different options. Also I’m still not sold on Bauer just yet. He beat nothing but teams with losing records in a shorten season and I haven’t seen Cy Young from him yet but I hope he is worth the headaches.


  4. “Is USC a Final Four team in your bracket?”

    Mr. Wolf will be making his stand up debut at the Comedy Store this coming Saturday night at 9:00 pm…be there or be square.


  5. Scooter,

    You need to proof read everything. In the news letter, you forgot one word and that destroyed your attempt at tyring to say something.

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  6. It is highly unlikely that SC will make it to the top 4. Beat Gonzaga? I think not. It is highly likely that this team will get far behind in a game and not be able to catch up.

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    1. First Rule of Sports: If you get far enough behind, you’re not gonna catch up…..

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      2. Crap! I have to take my entire snarky post back! NCAA just announced 3 minutes ago that (1) defeated teams will move on and (2) this year’s Final Four will be made up of 5 teams….

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      3. Even in Bill’s universe, ucla can’t reach a final four made up of only the Pac-12. Might be time for ucla to relocate and replace with BYU.

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      4. Actually —and this is the good part (!)—in Bill’s Universe you CAN wind up with an ALL Pac 12 Final Four.

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      5. P. S.
        If you’re REALLY honest with yourself you’ll admit that it’s old fashioned to say that the Final Four HAS to be comprised of ONLY 4 teams…….AND that they ALL have to be undefeated in Tournament play….

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  7. Oh no, Dear Pisley crawls back on his belly after another short vacation to avoid the blog humiliation regarding Colorado’s 3rd victory vs SUCC in the Pac-12 tournament.

    Thanks Enfield!


    1. Owns….you should be quite the expert on humiliation being a Bruin fan. Is it true they will handing out brown paper bags with eye hole cutouts for those few lost souls who show up for Bruin football games? I heard UCLA officials want to move to a flag football league because USC plays too rough. Although even that might be too rough, perhaps they can play tag.

      JO..the blogger who keeps on giving.

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      1. Sadly old smoky I promised ’67 I would not make light of concussed/injured Toejam team players ever again. A promise is promise even if it makes it difficult for me to rebut an POS like yourself.

        I’m old enough to remember when the Packers and Steelers were perennial doormat NFL losers. And I’m familiar with what changed to make those team Champions. UCLA FB is moving in the right direction.

        Helton on the other hand has recruited a running QB for the future. Helton needs a mobile QB ’cause nobody on the SUCC O/L is blocking.

        Who can forget Olaf the Fat O/L man stumbling down the sideline, after receiving an illegal, “here you take it” pass on the last play of the Pac-12 FB Championship game that SUCC choka, choka, choka choked away.

        Lastly old smoky, I’d invite you to kiss my a*s, but I don’t need a case of a*s rash.


      2. “UCLA FB is moving in the right direction.” After 5 straight losing seasons, only a Bruin fan can say such a thing.

        Although do I agree that if they move to flag football that is a step in the right direction. A man has to know his limitations.

        JO, you just keep on giving. A Bruin fan that hangs out at a USC blog…how very, very sad.

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  8. USC’s problem will be that they are not physical enough inside with the Mobley brothers. That is why Colorado owns them. We also don’t have a true point guard. Tough to advance in this tournament with out those two things.


    1. few freshman are physically intimidating….particularly to juniors and seniors, that being considered ,E.Mobley is still quite impressive,with lots of upside,and his brother also has similar potential to develop…the guard situation is very disappointing, but remember these guys have never played basketball together at SC. SO IN THAT SENSE ,IT IS FAIRLY IMPRESSIVE THEY WERE predicted in 6th place,virtually finished in a tie for 1st, 2nd in the ‘T’ and a 6th seed…if those guards finally get with it, things could get interesting.


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