USC Women’s Volleyball Does Not Make NCAA’s

For the first time since 1990, the USC women’s volleyball team did not make the NCAA Tournament.

As Coach Bohn says, “it’s about the seed!”

The Trojans were 7-8 this season and finished seventh in the Pac-12 under first-year coach Brad Keller.

I’m sure COVID-19 will be an excuse.

But it’s really something to see the women’s volleyball team experience a mediocre season.

10 thoughts on “USC Women’s Volleyball Does Not Make NCAA’s

    1. terrifictommy,
      If you think for ONE SECOND that reporting the USC women didn’t make the NCAA volleyball tournament for the first time since 1990….
      …OR that the team was 7-8…..
      …OR that it finished 7th in the Pac 12…..
      ….Or that USC got blown out by Gonzaga….
      …OR that UCLA played Gonzaga tighter than we did….


    2. I guess talkin about women’s sports and leaving out the BeachVb and waterpolo teams is accidental…. or because they’re top ranked ?? BeachVb just beat both the #2&3 teams this week, but that’s of little consequence.

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      1. He’s so transparent Pud. Absolutely patheic.

        BTW — why aren’t you posting on Allen Wallace’s blog anymore?

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  1. The USC Women’s team was plagued by injuries and illness this season, and not making the NCAA’s was correct. Flatley, they didn’t deserve it. Scott commonly knocks SC sports, coaches, and admin, so why would this bother anyone? He makes his living as a Trojan doomsayer.


    1. The biggest sickness was another incompetent coach from
      ucla. He goes hand & hand with the Men’s Coach Nygaard.
      Once again no national search. They did miss Kalen Owes
      often injured during the season. Still think the team was in
      the top 64.


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