USC Morning Buzz: Imposter Did Even More Than Thought

This football imposter is becoming more and more amazing.

I’ve had several conversations with a USC campus security source the past 2 days and was told the following based on conversations with the imposter:

1.) The imposter actually shared a jacuzzi at the McKay Center with other football players.

2.) He ate at the football dining facility without issue.

3.) He also slept for some time at a suite in the Coliseum. He was known to USC security because he was caught at the soccer field (McAlister Field) on 30th Street and Hoover .


The biggest issue is how the “imposter” could get into the McKay Center, which requires a fingerprint identification. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, finger print technology has not been used as much and some doors are left ajar by athletes to allow easy access.

Once inside, he could blend in with the football players because he looks their age and could say he is a walk-on.

The dining facility, known as the Galen Center (not the basketball arena) used to require getting past USC compliance employees but this could also be lax during COVID-19.

“What gets me is the guts the guy had to just walk in like he belonged,” said the security source. “He must have been a cool customer in the McKay Center. If he hadn’t tried to return punts at practice, he might still be out there because they might not have noticed him.”


40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Imposter Did Even More Than Thought

  1. Why doesn’t anyone ever try to impersonate being a ruin player? Probably because there aren’t enough paper bags to wear on their heads…

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    1. It’s hard for coaches to spot imposters after being told to leave the walk ons alone (wink).

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    2. Here pussy, pussy, pussy pussy’s. SUCC FB pays UC Davis not to play the bozo’s @ the Crumbling Mausoleum.

      #cookies and warm milk FB.


      1. Cats like milk…..but don’t eat cookies, Owns.


      2. Still looking for relevance, are you? Wannabe sow alumnus…sorry but even they reject you and that’s saying something.
        Remind me how the ruins have done vs the Trojans the last two years?

        Hahahahaha, what a loser. 🤡🤢


      3. Looky, looky who’s playing down to their abilities…. sow schedules small black institutions so they can have a winning record! Will this work… “don’t hold you’re breath” says the ruin AD, “but we still have the JCs if this don’t work..”


      1. So, why come here with your less than bootleg minds and offerings? He’s filled your coffers over and over, but still you complain. Woe unto you 2 scrubs.


      2. As much as I love those guys, it looks like we’re the keepers of the gate, Stephen.
        “All that will be remembered is that 2 stood against many.”
        —Conan The Barbarian


      3. Not sure what I said to elicit this response from you Michael?? Have I misspoken in any way or perhaps put scottie down somehow?
        Regardless, seeing that your response is directed at Stephen the Pharisee I’ll assume he’s going off on his tangents again.


      4. I’m no angel, but I don’t think I’ve ever said to someone bringing me some food, “Is this all I get?”

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      5. Hi Pudly —Sorry. Didn’t mean to sound like I was “walking the path of righteousness.” I only meant to point out that Scott (being Scott) will NEVER be given press access again. He is too much of a troublemaker —which is probably 95% of why he’s so fun to read. Independent of all that, his analysis has proven to be almost prescient at times. He called the Sark meltdown before it happened, he knew Sam was better than Max before Helton did, he foretold the Swann debacle, etc. All in all, I think Stephen is right on this one: we oughta appreciate Scott for what he is — a savvy sports writer with a penchant for going over the top (but only when he wants to).


    1. From today’s zoom meeting with the press…

      “Tuli,” So’oto said. “What your job on the defensive line?”

      “To establish the violent, physical nature of football through relentless effort,” Tuipulotu said. “Both immovable and unstoppable, we do not chase. We hunt.”

      Marlon’s little brother is carving out his own niche.

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      1. “We’re had two tackle, full-padded practices,” So’oto said. “On the defensive side, we count that as actual practice. We play in shorts. We play in upper shoulder pads. But really when you’re grading people and you’re grading players, it matters when you can tackle. So we’re learning a lot about the guys in our room.”


  2. What is more amazing is how Clay Helton who himself is an imposter got accepted at USC first as an assistant coach, and then a head coach with hardly any successful coaching experience at a major football program. He played at Houston for a losing program, and then was an assistant at another losing program so how in the world does he qualify to come to USC in the first place.

    What is even more amazing is they are paying this imposter close to 6 million bucks a year with all the benefits, and no real pressure to win.

    I actually applaud the walk on football imposter who received free practice time, football gear, and a jacuzzi on all USC, but there are plenty more at USC who are not qualified for their jobs, have not executed while on the job, and bottom line need to be taken off the USC payroll if they are tightening their belts do to the recent lawsuits, and Covid19.

    Graham Harrell are you an imposter also like Uncle Fester Clay Helton.. North Texas State, and Texas Tech are not winning programs, and the air raid is not an offense that will win a national championship. Never has and never will……

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    1. Do you have any idea how difficult it’s gonna be for a REAL football coach to take over from Clay & Harrell? The guy (or it could be gal — nothing Folt has said or done precludes that possibility) will have lots of first rate receivers but NOTHING at O-Line. Not easy to take that recipe and build a physical, John McKay -type team.

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  3. Gomer’s ” playing career ” at Houston

    At Houston, Helton completed 47 of 87 passes for 420 yards, one touchdown, and four interceptions and played 16 games.

    87 passes in 16 games, sounds like a lot of garbage time for Gomer even with daddy as the head coach, nice TD to INT ratio as well Gomer.

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    1. Maybe Helton knows something about football ….but the idea of Clay as a QB Coach never made any sense. Kiffin brought Clay on staff—but I can’t see why. Anyone who takes throwing a football seriously can see that Clay STILL does not know how to throw. When he throws during pregame it’s embarrassing. How could he teach anybody the mechanics back in the day? And, currently, how can he evaluate the teaching skills of the QB Coach (who happens to also be his Offensive Coordinator)?


  4. Uncle Fester is his now the name for Clay Helton.
    He throws curve balls not footballs just like a used car salesman. He is an imposter that has thrown many curves deceiving the alumni, boosters, students, and board of trustees at USC.
    Carol Burnett Folt, and Bonehead should have accepted the booster’s donation to buy out his contract. Bad decision which will come back to haunt them as USC cuts the budget.

    As it stands now the way finances are now at USC tightening the belt might mean get rid of all 3 of the Stooges- Helton, Bone, and Folt who are all greatly overpaid. My guess is the three of them make a combined 12 million bucks with very little positive results. Can USC afford to pay these 3 clowns probably not for long unless tuition is raised again this year, and the boosters and fans return which is unlikely with a football team that will probably finish second or 3rd in the Pac 12 South behind ASU, and Utah.

    Uncle Fester did not pad his resume before coming to USC please examine his resume on Wikipedia he was clearly not qualified to be an assistant coach at USC, and to think he is now the head coach is utter stupidity. Prediction: 2021 is it for you Uncle Fester it is time to ride your hot air baloon out of town, and once you land I can guarantee you no other university will be interested in hiring a fake football coach.

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  5. Maybe BruinRob can take the bus from Cerritos to ucla and try to pull the same stunt this cat did. With his physique, 5’7″ 245 lbs., he’s sure to fit in with the rest of the bruin squad.

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  6. For me, the real tell for the SC head coach will be how well the beast does at Nebraska. Since he committed to ND then left and then committed to SC and left, is the 3rd time a charm ?

    After Ferragamo, I’d have thought that I would never think of that school again.

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    1. HC Scott Frost knows the run game. He was schooled by Tom Osborne, and was the OC at Oregon during some of their best years running the ball.. Stepps should shine at Nb. Additionally, BOTH the experienced QBs at NB can run the option. I won’t say that NB will have a great year, but if Stepps is healthy and used properly, he could have a breakout year.

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