USC Notes: Wednesday Transactions

I’ve been working on some stories and will have some entertaining tales tomorrow.

In the meantime:

  • USC cornerback Max Williams tore knee ligaments during Tuesday’s practice. Williams was with the first-team defense in early practices. He also tore knee ligaments while he was at Serra in Gardena.
  • Drake guard Joe Yesufu, who scored 26 points against USC, transferred to Kansas. He picked the Jayhawks over USC and Georgia. Miami guard Chris Lykes has transferred to Arkansas. He chose the Razorbacks over USC.
  • USC has scheduled “Trojan Family Weekend” for the Utah game, which is the weekend of Oct. 7-10; Homecoming is Oct. 30 vs. Arizona.

19 thoughts on “USC Notes: Wednesday Transactions

  1. Max, here’s to hoping you heal quickly and completely.

    Not sure why a transfer would pick Kansas before waiting to see what NCAA does in terms of lack of institutional control allegations. They could be looking at big sanctions against their hoops program.

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      1. Doesn’t say anything about USC in particular, since the fella also had offers from a bunch of schools, including Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Georgia, ASU…

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      2. Better than UCLA & it’s CHINA GATE- 3 bruins caught stealing while representatives of the country. I’m amazed how stupid you are truly. Bruin inflicting childishness nonsense for gaining some semblance of normalcy. I’m assured that Oppositional Defiant Behavior is my assessment of ( Just Owns- What a Moronic Tag to identify as) Good luck searching for your pitfalls and taking your time in response to an honest assessment of your inferiority complex as a Bruin loyalist. I’m hoping that one day- You will truly comprehend the negative conundrum of being diagnosed by a Mental Health Professional. Oh by the way- your feelings of inadequacy will be met with my desire of saying nothing but listen to the 🦗 crickets.


      3. Just rent,

        knowing that your education is of kidengarten caliber from being associated with ugly, Drake is in Iowa and he is 233 miles from his previous university. He stays local and his family can see him. Now, go collect bottles and don’t forget your work shift at McDonalds. Bathrooms need cleaning and get on it.


  2. It seems Andyain’twinning’s reputation precedes him. SUCC’s 19 point debacle/loss vs the Zag’s hasn’t helped Enwhine improve his recruiting SUCCess. Paging Tony Bland.

    I understand Andyain’twinning has taken out ads on Craig’s List for BB portal transfers that encourage the players to bring their Ta-Ta’s along. There must be plenty of vacant jobs available in bozo BB program – particularly, the “no show” kind.

    #Become an independent student ATM, as it were.


    1. Hey BruinRob, speaking of taking out ads. Maybe you can give Enfield some tips. I mean your profile on DateMeLA is one for the ages.


      1. Why am I not surprised you’re trolling DatemeLA.

        No doubt T4 you go right to the scratch and snip section.


      1. Let’s see Ricki, the results of the common Tournament opponent Gonzaga.

        SUCC is humiliated in 19 point loss/walk-over on National TV in the Elite Eight. The game was over after the first 3 minutes.

        UCLA loses by 3 on a half-court prayer in a Final Four Semi thriller in OT.


      2. Ignoring the obvious again, eh dolt? Doesn’t matter to anyone that after we beat sow the second time they dropped in the standings to 4th or 5th, nor does it matter that the guy who acts like cock of the walk was crying to send them to their rooms and don’t let them play another game??
        There are no moral victories in basketball you little wienie sow wannabe. And there is no dignity in calling for the cessation of their season then changing the color of your spots.
        Way to go Rob, you’re rewriting history to suit yourself again.
        Last game of 2020….Jonah
        Last gm of reg season….Tahj
        Last game of conf champ….beavers force you to choke at last seconds
        Last game of 2021…P A I N‼️


  3. Boogie Ellis is the transfer guard we are looking for-very explosive off the dribble, and can really shoot the 3. If we can get this guy along with Utah transfer Timmy Allen we are set for another good run Ellis is that good. I hear it is between USC and San Diego State for the former 5 star recruit who at one time committed to Duke. We came in second last time let’s hope this time it’s USC. No question he will be the most explosive guard we have had since Harold Minor he is that good. If we get him the midget basketball coach at UCLA will be very worried he might not beat the Trojans for another two years especially if Juzang heads for the pros which he should while his value is probably at its peak.

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  4. Oh no, Dear Pisley peeks out of his gopher hole and talks BS, as usual.

    Final College BB poll has the Bruin at #7 and the Clown U pussies at #9 even though they (Not their or they’re) defeated UCLA twice this season.

    Win or lose against SUCC BB does not make UCLA’s season. In fact, not one of the UCLA’s All-time 38 game winners lead is celebrated. I mean every 20 years or so the bozo’s field an adequate team that winds up humiliated in the Tournament-BFD

    Po’ Pisley, you stinking POS, get a grip. It took 2 years for Cronin to reach the Final Four, and Andyain’twinning 8 years to reach the Elite Eight. And Cronin didn’t need to hire a recruits Ta-Ta to help to land his players.

    #Humilation U BB bends over after the first 3 minutes – What a sweet 19 point Choka, choka, Flop, flop, Swallow, swallow.


    1. 0-4, 0-4, 0-4….

      What part of that is hard for you? I know it’s a public school edumacation you received but fuzzy math or not…. this has got to ring a bell, no? Ding-Ding-Ding you dufus.

      It’s 0-4‼️


      1. “They should reject the notion of playing in any tourney…”

        Hahahahaha 🖕🏽💋🖕🏽🤡


  5. The 5-0 bozo’s, the any team, anytime, anywhere FB team, pussy’s out of any Bowl game invitations after a humiliating loss in the Crumbling Mausoleum vs the 3-2 Ducks. Two players got hurt so the bozo folded their (Not there or they’re) little tent and took their deflated FB home to mommy for cookies and warm milk.

    #Here pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy pussy’s


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