Isaiah Mobley Enters Name In NBA Draft

USC forward Isaiah Mobley announced today he will enter his name in the NBA Draft but will maintain his eligibility with the option of playing at USC in 2021-22.

“I look forward to gathering feedback during the process as I continue to work toward my dream of playing in the NBA,” Mobley said.

7 thoughts on “Isaiah Mobley Enters Name In NBA Draft

  1. NBA D-League at best, and even that is a stretch. . Dreams are 1 thing reality is another he needs to improved quite a bit to play in the NBA.

    He did pick up his game in the NCAA tournament, but he must show progress during an entire season. Goodwin, should have been starting over him during the regular season he was the better player during the Pac 12

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    1. Another year in college would help him. He is mostly a non factor. With his brother gone, he might become like his brother, dominant. College is where you want to learn this. Pro’s will eat you alive if you are not ready.


  2. When does Andyain’twinning jettison old man Mobley?



  3. I don’t think he’s athletic enough to play in the NBA. Same thing as with Bennie Boatwright – different kind of players but same type of athletic limitations.


  4. The Mobley girls will be remembered for getting their asses handed to them in their last game. Those girls got exposed.


  5. Hi Folks, mobley overrated will end up on injuried list!his brother slow footed !?aahh the nba is self destructing because of stupidity how many mediorce players can u have use a smaller ball and play little defense!? Sincerely, Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!


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