Palaie Gaoteote To Texas?

USC linebacker Palaie Gaoteote will transfer to Texas, according to multiple reports.

After three Texas players transferred to USC, maybe it’s fitting a player goes the other way.

20 thoughts on “Palaie Gaoteote To Texas?

  1. Trading players. SARK BITE! I wouldn’t ever play for Sarkisian. He cooked himself fooling around with co-eds, alcohol and drugs. That’s three strikes. Loser.


    1. Tixas didn’t think so. For a fired HFBC to leave Clown U in an alcoholic fog he’s done well to rehabilitate himself. I mean he’s earned a CFB NC ring as a OC and employment, in quite possibly, the richest DIV. 1 FB program, as it’s HFBC.


    2. If EVERYTHING goes right —no injuries, players buy into program, Sark wins all his games, cheerleaders are instructed to keep their distance —- he’ll be fine…….

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      1. Personally, I never liked Sark, his behavior and I celebrated his ugly SUCC losses. However, as a former alky myself, I can’t help but be astonished by his resurrection. It took me 10 years to be sure my relapse wouldn’t occur due to life’s nasty sliders.

        Unfortunately, as the Tixas HFBC, the pressure to win could effect a relapse. Today, once a HFBC is hired, it’s just a matter of time before they’re fired. I couldn’t care less whether Tixas wins or loses, but do I hope Sark can maintain his sobriety with success and failure.

        Life goes better with sobriety.

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      2. Bad week for sow…

        “ Cary, N.C. – No. 3 seed UCLA used more of its comeback magic against No. 14 seed Clemson, scoring in the 87th minute to send the game to overtime. But the magic ran out after two overtime periods and a lengthy lightning delay, as the Bruins lost in a penalty kick shootout, 6-5, to eliminate the Bruins from the NCAA Tournament in the Round of 16.”

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      3. My Friend Owns — I’m late to the party —but I just wanted to say ‘nice job’!


  2. Seems to have great talent but doesn’t seem to be a Phi Beta Kappa. He was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Quite often he overran the play….didn’t cover the gaps that he was supposed to cover. Many times you don’t even have to block him. Just let him run wild. He’ll just run himself out of the play. Mauga is a much more productive player.

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  3. Mr Owns, keep up the great work.

    Sark. Can kiss my grits. He’s done and said so many nasty things. In fact yesterday I heard he was about to be charged with IMPERSONATING A HUMAN BEING.

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    1. Sark may surprise me but so far, he’s an outstanding offensive co-ordinater….not a great HC. Washington was ready for party time when Haden decided to sign him. They wanted to get rid of him.

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  4. “Palaie Gaoteote To Texas?”

    She’ll be a bust wherever she transfers to.

    Palaie Gaoteote, she was the #1 recruit at her position coming out of high school. She sprained her toenail and never recovered.



    1. Pelosi is the all time ding-a-ling phony……

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  5. I would have rooted for Sark. But the moment he sued USC for terminating him “because of his illness”, he became one of the biggest douchebags the sports world has ever seen.

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    1. I’d like to forgive and forget …but that was a totally classless move on Sark’s part…. it was only a matter of time before he hooked up with another team….


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