USC Saturday Buzz: When Radio Ruled L.A.

I wrote about some USC radio announcers from the 1940’s-50’s Friday, which led to an interesting detail about broadcasts from the past.

When USC played Oregon State on Oct. 4, 1930, five radio stations in Los Angeles carried the game.

Frank Bull, who did USC games from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, did the game for radio station KMTR. Radio historian Jim Hilliker wrote the game “was heard on four other Los Angeles stations that afternoon . . . Braven Dyer called the game for KHJ; Carl Haverlin and Don Wilson were the sportscasters for KFI that day; former USC star Morley Drury was heard on KNX along with Tom Wallace, while sportswriter Dick Hyland was the announcer for KFWB’s play-by-play of the game.”

Drury, nicknamed “the noblest Trojan of them all” was only 27 when he called that game and had played for USC from 1925-27.

According to Hilliker, on Sept. 24, 1932, seven L.A. stations broadcast the USC-Utah game. A week later on Sept. 30th, Bull called the USC-Loyola game for KRKD, one of seven Los Angeles stations broadcasting the game.

Seven stations? Now you’re lucky sometimes if one station carries a game.

Here’s a sample of Bull and Mark Scott (who hosted Home Run Derby) calling the 1953 USC-Notre Dame game. Bull comes on around the 1:10 mark. Listen here.

Des Koch gains yardage against Notre Dame in 1953.
  • Tough loss for USC on Friday night as the Trojans committed four errors that led to five unearned runs in Oregon State’s 5-4 victory.

USC outhit the Beavers, 8-2. Pitcher Isaac Esqueda allowed only one hit in 5.2 innings.

13 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: When Radio Ruled L.A.

  1. Saw sthe OSU/USC Baseball game last night.USC Baseball looks terrible……….that program has really slipped just like football. Coaching makes a difference USC has really cut corners in this area not fair to the players or to the history of both programs.

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    1. Bad coaching, yes. But let’s not forget Folt stole the baseball team’s heart with those idiotic suspensions.


  2. Thanks for another great trip down memory lane, Scott. [Not fun listening to USC give up a 93 yard touchdown in that radio clip, though —but I guess there wasn’t much else you could get for us in that game—- Notre Dame killed us in 1953….just like UCLA did —not a memorable year]……

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      1. To tell the truth, I don’t “remember” it either.

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      1. I believe UCLA topped the PAC that year (1953). And they beat USC. But the score was 13-0.


    1. I attended both the Notre Dame and UCLA games in 1953. It was the best Notre Dame team I saw during the ’50’s. Frank Leahy ran a great program during his years coaching the Irish as did Red Sanders at UCLA. These were two teams with different styles of play but shared two characteristics in common. Each program was fundamentally sound and both had exceptional talent.


  3. Speaking of radio today why did USC leave 710 ESPNLA for 790 KABC? I would think the athletic department would want to be on a all sports station for more exposure to the school athletic programs.

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