It’s Ronnie Lott’s Birthday

USC great Ronnie Lott turned 62 today.

Did you know on Sept. 27, 1980, Lott intercepted three passes in a 24-7 victory over Minnesota?

Two of the interceptions set up touchdowns.

On one play, he had an interception, fumble and fumble recovery but gained 25 yards.

“I was just trying to run too fast, and I lost the ball,” Lott said.

He didn’t think his performance was impressive: “I’ve just been in the right place. I’ve just been covering the curl, and then once the quarterback didn’t see me.”

The game at Minnesota’s Memorial Stadium drew 55,115, the largest crowd there since 1973.

13 thoughts on “It’s Ronnie Lott’s Birthday

  1. Ronnie Lott, got good coaching at Eisenhower high school in RIALTO. But he got even better coaching at USC. That’s the rub with today’s USC. No coaching beyond high school level and I’m talking about Podunk High of Nowherville.

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  2. This Minnesota Game was the 1st USC Game I ever went to. I was going to college in North Dakota and drove down to Minneapolis to see the Trojans. Other memories included a great corner route by Kevin Williams for a TD from Gordon Adams right in front of me with the ball in the air before he made his break, and Marcus Allen having a lot of yardage as well.

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  3. Met Ronnie after I helped build Mickey Mays Field in Atherton, CA at the field dedication. I think Sark was the HC at the time. I introduced myself after the dedication; told him I was a Bay Area native and SC grad. We chatted for a minute about SC Football. Humble, approachable dude. Good times.

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    This slide in the USC baseball program over the last 20 years is rediculous.

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    1. It’s terrible —but it’s also understandable. These days a private university can only be expected to do so much & USC is putting every ounce of it’s effort into building a national powerhouse football team under Coach Helton…..


  5. Where are you Mike Bone>>> Please explain what you have accomplished since taking over the athletic dept at USC. I hear you made an offer to the current UCLA Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, but you offered less money to be USC’s Next Head Coach than what she was making as an assistant at UCLA.

    Please explain why you have also hired all these Associate AD’s from the Univ of Cincy, and then offer a promising young coach such a rediculous job offer. No wonder she turned the job down.

    The only two good coaches at SC right now are the Track and Field Coach, and Andy Enfield the Men’s Basketball Coach, and they were hired by Pat Haden.

    Your on the clock Mr. Bone. It’s time to build a program rather selling used cars to those of us who really care about this University. Your getting paid on a scale that is equivalent to some of the top AD’s in the country and thus far the results would not even be acceptable at the University you came from in Ohio.


  6. As a Niners season ticket holder for over 20 years, I watched Lott his entire career.
    The General on the D. Liked and respected by friend and foe on the field. Clean player.

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  7. This one of those rare situations where a new page is mandatory.


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