USC Beats UCLA To Win Beach Volleyball Title

USC defeated UCLA, 3-1, to win the NCAA Beach Volleyball championship in Gulf Shores, Ala.

It is the third NCAA title in the past five years for the beach volleyball team. It’s also the first title for Coach Dain Blanton. The previous titles were won by Anna Collier.

27 thoughts on “USC Beats UCLA To Win Beach Volleyball Title

  1. SUCC goes ape sh*t over a BVB NC.

    God only knows what will happen if Clown U breaks their regular bozo loser tradition and win a men’s BB NC by, say, the 22nd or 23rd Century.

    #Who can forget the bozo’s victory over Stanford and the resulting bozo fan, “we win, we win” stampede celebration onto the crumbling mausoleum field.



      1. And the game my friend is talking about was played at the truly crumbling farm …..

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      1. Oh fuck –the bruins didn’t even try to go after the serve……

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    1. “ Who can forget the bozo’s victory over Stanford and the resulting bozo fan, “we win, we win” stampede celebration onto the crumbling mausoleum field.…”

      Says the guy who’s been saying “but, but, but we almost didn’t lose that last game”

      No wonder they call you mud…🤡🤡


    2. So happy for Joy Dennis.
      I recall watching her play for the Trojans here on Monterey Beach as a Freshman. We were in the midst of an epic WVB run and she was struggling to find a partner to play with and to work her way to court #1…and she didn’t look so happy that day. The Trojans played 2 back-to-back matches that day.

      I’m pretty sure we won the Natty that year.

      Happy for these fine Trojans and Coach Blanton. Looks like a little nipper of Blanton’s Bourbon for me tonight.

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    3. We’ve beat Ucla too many times this year for this to be something. I’m tired of miscounting the wins. No big deal.

      I’m just kidding owns remember that.

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      1. This Just In: Those L. A. billboards promoting Notre Dame? My spies tell me they were personally put up by President Folt…..

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  2. Owns, Owns, Owns I’m sorry our favorite schools are like elevators passing in the shaft. USC is headed to the penthouse, and Ucla is going straight to L.
    As I told my students USC is a private university and Ucla is a four letter word.
    And Camino Community College is your alma mater.

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    1. I love you RT …but….A lot of fans didn’t attend the school they cheer for —just like most fans don’t live in the city of the professional team they follow —so let’s not target Owns for that.
      More to the point, an elevator to “L” would be a huge step up for the bruins….

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      1. He could retort that Mt.SAC is (one of mine). I know I can barely claim association with USC. Mom and Dad were alumni, I was auxiliary band (to swell the ranks). About the closest any of my siblings got to USC is my brother coaching the East Valley Trojans -some of his players were Trojans. My sister was offered a scholarship to play the bassoon, but she was short sighted and turned it down.
        He is welcome to make fun of me. It’s part of his job as a troll.

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      2. You’re right Michael. As usual only you could point out so accurately how the ruins always just get the shaft…

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    2. Actually, it’s Cerritos Community College. BruinRob has enrolled in every course they offer in pursuit of that elusive A.A. Degree.

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    1. No comment necessary — but that’s never stopped me before. In terms of confidence, attitude and rough & tumble athleticism —London reminds me of Christian McCaffrey. He is to receivers what Christian was to running backs —an unstoppable force. If he and Slovis stay healthy they’re gonna do memorable amounts of damage at South Bend…..

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      1. That is so cool.
        [Didn’t the team look different in those passing drills]?

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