The Next Ed Orgeron?

One thing about what I wrote regarding Jay Toia this morning: It does confirm the doubts I had last week (and way before that) about defensive line coach Vic So’oto.

It always felt like he or USC was intent on portraying him as another Ed Orgeron in terms of energy/volume/strength. But where was the end result?

So’oto has received complete backing from the fanboys but where is the on-field performance or recruiting accomplishment? Still coming, apparently.

17 thoughts on “The Next Ed Orgeron?

  1. It would seem like he’s doing okay based on these predictions. I don’t think it’s fair to put Tufele’s problems in So’oto’s lap.

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    1. I’m not much for the list-makers, but I like that Figueroa is getting some props.

      Foreman and Drake J (who missed both lists because no one knows whether he is a LB or a D-lineman–lol) will be a force.

      As pointed out by Wolf and others, depth will be our problem–esp with teams intent on running 80+ plays per game.

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  2. Has there been one of those overhyped Polynesian pipeline pussies who have been able to play a full season without stubbing a toe nail, being put on the injured list and missing half the season having to ride the bench?

    I fucking doubt it.


      1. All I would have to do is step on their toe and they’d be screaming about where the nearest hospital is.

        Those clowns can’t stretch without hurting themselves.


      1. Racist my ass, just telling you clowns how it is.

        You aren’t going to sit there and tell me that 95% of players coming from that polynesian pipeline in the last 10 years have been worth a shit.



    1. Tebowbama,
      How about Junior Seau, Mosi Tuputu, Tostu (sp), dlineman from the 80-90’s, Kennedy Pola, and Troy Polamlu. Those are just a few that I remember.


      1. Ju Ju wasn’t all that at USC. There were many times he was double teamed and rendered irrelevant.

        Ju Ju was never as good as Marqise Lee, Robert Woods or Nelson Agholor.

        Ju Ju was more of a disappointment than anything at USC. He made more of a name for himself after getting to Pittsburgh.


  3. Vavai Malapeai is going on like his 6th year at USC and can’t carry his lunch, let alonea football without hurting himself.


  4. The answer to the question of the day (“The next Ed Orgeron?”)…
    Maybe. Hard to gripe about So’oto after one season. Give the guy 4-5 years.
    HC CH dropped BK Udeze after about a season or two. BKU wasn’t the problem.

    In a game where QB’s are treated like a princess, no one can hit a guy without fear of being suspended for a game, the OC dials up 90 plays a game, DB’s can’t touch a receiver, and O-lineman have turned holding into a dance form, it’s a wonder that ANY kid wants to play defense in HS. Even the true genius–Saban–laments that you gotta put 50 on the board for a chance to win, and he is a defensive expert and gets the best recruits.

    I like this D.
    If you keep your opponents under 30, you’ve had a good day. Sadly.

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    1. Yup. And honestly, can you tell me that with the transfer rules relaxing as they are, both within the conference and by the ncaa and the inability of coaches to any longer question the manliness of his charges so to speak, that the situation is the same? I don’t.


      1. A nice, in depth article on ESPN–NCAAF tab–about the impact of the transfer portal on CFB. I think the summary was, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
        The pundits estimate that 60% of D1 coaches are cheating on the portal.

        I think the 1 year sit out is a reasonable impediment to wanton abuse by player and coach.

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    2. Good assessment. I have thought So’Oto is a future star, but the jury is still out. I’m not really sure what Wolf expected him to do with the d-line in last year’s shortened year? Tuli seems to be coming along nicely and Figueroa was very good last year. This is the first full year with these coaches and if the defense doesnt perform, this is going to be a really long year.

      Losing Toia was a real issue, but one player does not make for a coaching problem.

      Last year the defense made big strides in turnovers, but the run defense was not better than the year before. Let’s see if the linebackers improve and that helps the run game issue. As far as I remember, opponents were not able to run between the tackles, so not sure if this was a d-line issue.

      I think that practicing against the air raid doesnt help to develop the defense. If you practice against a weak o-line, you are not going to be prepared for games.


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