Morning Buzz: USC Defensive Line Has Drama

If you subscribed to the USC newsletter, you would already know why Jay Toia transferred.

But you can read why by clicking on this link.

After reading, you can post a comment here. I’ve heard UCLA and Arizona State are among the schools interested in Toia.

27 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Defensive Line Has Drama

  1. If So’oto is going to drive players away, he had better improve his skills in recruiting D-Linemen. What looked like a pretty good group of inside D-linemen coming back now looks like a bunch of projects.

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    1. A drop in the bucket for what USC receives annually from U.S. Government Socialism…

      CAMBRIDGE, Mass. —


      Harvard University said Wednesday that it will turn down $8.7 million in federal coronavirus relief



      Harvard says it will reject coronavirus relief money, but USC is keeping its share

      Students walk past the statue of John Harvard at Harvard University.

      (Charles Krupa / Associated Press)


      APRIL 23, 2020 1:40 AM PT


      CAMBRIDGE, Mass. —


      Harvard University said Wednesday that it will turn down $8.7 million in federal coronavirus relief, a day after President Trump excoriated the wealthy Ivy League school over the taxpayer money it stood to receive.

      Similar action was taken by Stanford, Princeton and Yale universities, which said that they, too, will reject millions of dollars in federal funding amid growing scrutiny of wealthy colleges.

      But USC said it would accept its nearly $20-million allotment. 


      1. “That corrupt criminal pandering begging money grubbing C.L Max Nikias is a great big asshole…go on take the money and run”


      2. And that’s the difference between operating in the black and as the sow does so well, living in the red…. You’re an idiot.

        Mud…dumb as dirt, only wetter.🤡

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    1. “Morning Buzz: USC Defensive Line Has Drama”

      What would you expect from a bunch of drama queens who can’t make it through pillow soft practices without spraining their toe nails and being put on the injured list?



  2. After reading the letter from Scott, I wonder if we really need a sniveling kid playing football. Imagine this kid in 3 years when he thinks he should have been drafted by a better team. The press release after the draft, ” I felt pressured to accept the offer from the professional team, but my mom and dad suggested I look at other teams. I am going to play this year for the minor league team down the street and hope to join the better team early in the year as a free agent.
    If this sounds familiar ask Anthony Davis how it worked out for him. Does anybody still have memorabilia from the Southern California Sun WFL team?

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    1. I agree. It looks like the ‘Orlando Bunch’ is pushing for perfection — and they’re not being gentle about it cuz they know that’s not the way to achieve it. Good for them. Prima Dona types need not stick around —no matter how many stars they have after their names….

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      1. Michael:
        I’m hoping Jay finds a good fit for him.
        If he truly earned straight “A’s” on his report card, then he’s obviously a strong student athlete. He’ll end up at UCLA or Utah, IMHO.

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  3. Something still doesn’t add up here. If it is just difficulty with Vic, then even money says it gets sorted out and he stays, particularly since he is not getting wooed by top programs.

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    1. Or could it be that the trouble with Vic started when he decided to leave?
      Either way, if he doesn’t want to be here, he should leave. Who needs a guy that quits when things get tough?

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    1. See the field? LOL!

      Yeah, I have the perfect position for her on the field…water girl.

      Let’s hope she doesn’t hurt herself tripping over a communication cable and sprain her shoulder to where she can’t deliver a Gatorade bottle to one of the Helton coached Trojan drama queens on the field.

      10 to 1 she doesn’t make it out of fall practice without an injury





      1. I don’t understand. You call a player a girl over football injuries…..but you’re always complaining that your side hurts….from laughing….

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      1. Why don’t you figure out a way to get a job instead of being on Twitter all day?

        Do something productive with your life instead of receiving government socialism and being a troll.


      2. I guess by your responses that that idiot is back…
        I was thinking about his dumbass son-in-law and how he got himself knocked senseless by a drunk he rousted. Must be sharp as a tack…
        “Hey drunk guy, come here and I dare ya to take a swing at me… go ahead, I dare ya.”


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      3. I forgot –you blocked tebowerella. You’re missing some great misdirection and projecting.

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  4. Scooter,

    I am sorry to correct you, but it is not that the dline has drama, but the entire team is a drama case. Maybe psycopfrantic as well.


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