USC Gets Commitment From Receiver

Kevin Green, a wide receiver from Alemany, committed to USC today.

Green chose the Trojans over Stanford and Washington State.

He is a three-star prospect on Rivals and four-star on 247Sports. Green is the sixth player to commit from the Class of 2022. No offensive linemen yet. Of course.

12 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Receiver

  1. They are great at getting D-backs and WR’s. Maybe some offensive genius will come up with an 11 man WR offense and an 11 man D-back defense. We’d win the NC.


    1. Just what a Helton run pussified USC Trojan team needs…a 24th WR on the roster.







    1. Folt is an intelligent, articulate, more or less decent person who, strangely, is about as much a rubber stamp for Caruso as you could imagine….


  2. This is freakin ridiculous, you win with dominate O and D line play and we continue to sign mostly WR’s, RB’s and DB’s. Losing Toia and Trembly to the portal is a tragedy and Helton can’t pull in the top linemen from the portal. Bigger trouble ahead if this doesn’t change


  3. Looking at some of the USC games when Lane Kiffin was coach. Lane, was doing it right with a balanced power running game that had a fullback and tailback. I believe that was the same two back offense that Pete Caroll ran so he kept things the same when he became the head coach. I also noticed Lane had his quarterbacks throw to the tight ends which is another missing element of the air raid.

    I think Kiffin was just too young, and immature to be a head coach at USC when he was here. Kiffin, also got a little too pass happy, but his teams were at least somewhat balanced. I believe Helton was the QB coach under Kiffin so why in the world did he change a very successful offense, and install this stupid air raid offense when he became the head coach. It is quite obvious many of the top offensive line recruits are staying as far away as possible from the Helton/Harrell air raid offense.

    Way Kiffin the right coach for USC at that time. The answer is no he was not ready at that time to run a major program especially while we were on probation. However, if we had stuck with him no question he would have matured like he has today into one of the top offensive minds in tje country. Since Kiffin left we have had some zeroes in Sarkisian, and Helton although Sarkisian now seem to be on the right track again. Would the two back offense still work together absolutely if you can recruit correctly in the trenches.


    1. On this site there was tons of criticism of Kiffin and his bubble screen pass offense.
      I recall Robert Woods leaving early and stating that he would have returned for his Senior season if Kiffin had not been so enamored with Lee and sent all the targets that way.

      Who’s still playing well in the NFL?

      Anyway, I agree with you that Kiffin was too young to coach in the NFL and too young to coach in the SEC (TN) and then too young to be the head at USC. Now divorced, portly, and a bit humbled, we’ll see how he does at Ole Miss. He was privileged to have such opportunity at such an early age, and blew his first 3 major jobs….

      “Knowledge, much like fine timber, should not be used until it has been well-seasoned.”
      (paraphrased and unable to provide proper attribution.

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  4. USC Women’s Basketball team gets a late commitment to the class Virginia Girls Basketball Gatorade Player of the Year Point Guard Isabella Perkins.
    She’s the 3rd McDonald’s All American in this recruiting class.

    There you go Wolf. You didn’t have to lift a finger.

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  5. Just keep recruiting wr’s and db’s. You lose and hopefully Helton will be gone by the end of next year.


  6. This is probably more a strategic recruiting move to foster the relationship with Alemany and a player who will stick around in the program even if he is not playing a ton. You need some of these players that value the education and are going to be good enough to play, but maybe are not the alpha dogs.

    The wider receiver that SC really needs to get is Tetairoa. He is the athlete that will be able to replace Drake London after he leaves.

    As everyone has already said, what we really need are players for the offensive line.

    There are alot of top recruits headed to USC this month. Many of them are expected to commit elsewhere, so let’s see if we can flip a couple of them to SC. I assume that SC has a killer presentation about the value of the SC degree, network, NIL and the new coaches/S&C, changes to the Pac-12 under a new commish, the great weather in LA, all the things to do in LA, etc. Hopefully, it is enough to convince some players to flip to SC.

    Even if you hate Helton and want him gone, it is real important that they recruit well so that a new coach has talented players.

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  7. hi trojan fans, well now look at tulsa oklahoma !1921,1922 etc food for throught there thats Achilles there several times over??must have been A evil place??? sincerely, edward


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