Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

In the USC newsletter today, I have the reason the College Football Hall of Fame had a glaring Trojan omission.


William Gay

USC used to be a place where a tight end like Gay could switch to defensive end in the NFL and have a successful 10-year career with the same pro team. Now you don’t even know if a USC player who doesn’t switch positions will stick in the NFL.

Jay Toia

I like this kid because he is very open about where he might transfer. Unlike some players who never seem to say a word about their plans.

USC scrimmage

Later today, I will have the backstory on this picture, which looks like a USC scrimmage from the 1960’s.


June recruiting visits

One recruit said after his weekend USC visit that it is an “amazing football school, amazing education.” So he’s coming, right? And so is everyone else! Hurray!

How many recruits ever say they had a lousy visit?

USC baseball/softball

This is a weekend where college baseball and softball are really getting national attention. And USC is nowhere to be found with a moribund baseball program and no softball program. People always ask, “why doesn’t USC have a softball team?” Because land at USC is too valuable to devote to a softball field. That’s why there is a lacrosse team, which can use the existing soccer field.

Pac-12 schedule

Stanford opens its season vs. Kansas State in Palo Alto at 9 a.m. PT! Oregon goes to Ohio State in Week 2 and the kick off is 9 a.m. PT!

At least USC gets to play at Washington State at 12:30 p.m. and in September. The downside is that’s good news for Clay Helton.

Klete Keller

The former USC swimmer, who faces seven charges for participating in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol building, is discussing a plea bargain.

25 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. For Toia, he at least picked a decent academic university (if he enrolls at UM).
    Lately, the meme on ESPN is, “why is Harbaugh still coaching at UM?”
    That said, Harbaugh is known for tough-nosed football, so Toia might “toughen up.”
    I call Toia a tie–neither winner or loser of the week. Personally, I like the climate and the pretty girls of So Cal better. As the sun disappears from the Michigan sky sometime in November and does not reappear for about 180 days, seasonal affective disorder will set in.

    Will Gay–always a winner. Nice trip down memory lane. The key member of the vaunted “Silver Rush” front four of the Lions. Remember when every NFL team had to have a special moniker for the front four? Fearless Foursome. Purple People Eaters. Etc.

    USC Lax have been winners for years as have been most of the Women’s sports.
    Don’t mess with success.

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      1. Indeed, JO. Indeed.
        Recall that back in those days 4 men could bull-rush the QB without being bear-hugged by O-linemen. Didn’t need to blitz so often.

        The Rams “fearsome foursome?” Formidable. (pardon my alliteration)
        Recall also that Merlin Olsen–a super-nice, Latter Day Saint guy from Utah–was the kind-hearted spokesman for the FTD-teleflora adverts, encouraging us guys to buy flowers for Mom, etc. He wasn’t quite as sweet to the QB’s he sacked in his 15 yr career.

        Olsen was pro-bowl the first 14 years of his 15 year career.

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  2. On the topic of winners and losers,
    Isn’t this the week Mr Larry Scott(remember him?) gets his $4.6 large — golden parachute send off package(as a reward for a job well done- ahem) ?

    First evah: Winner/loser combo play.

    Question: Helton & Scott, if they can bs( nothing personal coach, God has your back) their talent into huge paydays, why couldn’t they bs better outcomes?

    Larry babes had several years of no accountibility and no scrutiny, will the new guy get the same treatment? Or do we learn from our mistakes?

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Nice tag line, Pudly —I wonder how much it would cost to hire a pilot to fly those words inscribed on a 50 foot banner over Larry’s office everyday until he flees to Switzerland…..

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  3. Loser: ucla. Toia’s instagram post of his ucla visit looked like he was at a funeral. Light years different from the photos at Michigan.

    BTW, why is Toia a winner? Suppose he goes to Michigan and sits on the bench? Honestly, given where Harbaugh is now, and their defense, is a defensive player playing at Michigan vs. playing at USC all that different? You might make the case that USC defense would be a better recruitment than the Wolverines. Anyway, best of luck to him.

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  4. With all the new recruiting staff, to hear that the recruit said, “great football heritage”, but didnt talk about the future potential is not good.

    The recruiting pitch needs to be about the present and future, not the past. Sell them on how USC is truly positioned to be one of the top football programs for the future. If you cant sell that message honestly, then changes need to be made, NOW!

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      1. Plus a nosier, cockier, meaner attitude on the field —- the team is getting away from the “Happy Tuesday, Everybody” atmosphere Helton fostered ……

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    Respectfully yours,
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